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Released NOW – SAP Work Manager Rapid Deployment Solution

As a follow up to the “sneak peek” from a couple months ago, we are pleased to announce that the latest SAP Work Manager rapid-deployment solution is available now on the SAP Service Marketplace. This package not only enables the latest product features, but also improves online and offline user experiences with the brand-new step-by-step guide. We hope you will enjoy this new digital experience of simplicity.

SAP Work Manager rapid-deployment solution enables SAP customers and partner to quickly deploy, configure, and run SAP’s robust mobile asset management solutions by implementing SAP Work Manager 6.1 with SAP Mobile Platform 3.0. It includes the following:

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 3.16.29 PM.png

  • Common deployment and configuration guidelines that are relevant for all Agentry apps
  • Specific deployment and configuration guidelines for Agentry app archetype
  • Focus on SAP Mobile Platform landscape, security, and user authentication
  • Work Manager Server and Clients installation and configuration
  • ESRI GIS Integration, SAP Customer Service component, Crew Management and SAP Visual Enterprise
  • End-to-End Work Order and Service Order Management scenarios
  • Optional Assessment Workshop Service

What would be the benefits for you?

  • Deploy an end-to-end enterprise solution that provides authentication, data security and data integration
  • Effectively leverage existing investment in SAP ERP
  • Jump start SAP Work Manager implementation and continuously enhance functionality over time
  • Simplify depScreen Shot 2014-08-21 at 3.23.15 PM.pngloyment and integration complexity of SAP Work Manager with SAP Mobile Platform
  • Adopt the latest features of SAP Work Manager and SAP Mobile Platform in a predictable time and at a predictable cost
  • Choose from several flexible service deployment options tailored for common customer needs

SAP Work Manager rapid-deployment solution is a proven and extensible solution. It quickly accelerates implementation of SAP Work Manager to enable mobile access to plant maintenance processes in SAP ERP and easily empower your workforce to manage assets in the Field with the latest version of SAP Work Manager on the SAP Mobile Platform.

Our rapid-deployment solution is the best way to simplify the delivery approach and use best practices to deploy quickly, predictably, and affordably.

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  • We rapidly deployed SAP Work Manager by embedding a two-way map interface inside SAP Work Manager providing spatial context to SAP-PM work orders, notifications, operations, equipment and functional location at Ausnet Services in Australia , using the OpenUI framework that is part of SMP3.0.

    To provide the simplest possible workflows for end users, a LatLonGO map is embedded within Work Manager 6.1., this allows an end user to see work orders and notifications on a map, without leaving Work Manager.

    From within Work Manager, the user can

    - locate themselves on a map, using GPS

    - view the GIS network representation of a SAP-PM technical object on a map

    - view a work order (via linked technical object) on a map

    - view a notification (via linked technical object) on a map

    - get turn-by-turn offline directions to an object on the map

    - create redlines, linked to a notification.

    These can be viewed in the office later.

    - select a GIS object and create a work order or notification on that SAP technical object

    - select a GIS object and list work orders or notifications related to that technical object

    The embedded LatLonGO map contains a high quality base map (from, plus any other layers such as electricity or gas network that have been extracted from the utility’s GIS or other authorities.

    Having all this data local to the device allows the map to continue to fully function when the device is offline.

    For on-line/office use the LatLonGO web client is embedded in the SAP NetWeaver Business Client to provide two-way interaction with SAP-PM and SAP-MRS.

    • Thanks for sharing the great experience.

      How much the efforts of the GIS integration? What are the mobile device implemented in the project?