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Replace a standard view with a custom view in SRM UI Add-On

1. Create a custom JS

   To know on how to create a custom JS follow link:

2. Add the code given below in the above custom JS:

sap.ui.jsview(“testView”, {
getControllerName : function() {
createContent : function(oController) {
//start of creation custom UI

    var oTextView = new sap.ui.commons.TextField({value : “TEST”});
return oTextView;
// end of creation of custom UI

// return this.vlayout;

sap.ui.controller(“testController”, {
dataModelKey : null,
onInit : function() {


3. Change the lines in bold(in the code above) as per need basis

4. Goto SPRO

     SAP Implementation Guide -> SAP SRM User Interface  Add-On ->Extension and Field Controls -> UI Configuration for Administrator

5. Replace the View Path of the View which you want to replace with “testView” (give the View Path of your choice, mention the same while creating the view )

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  • Dear Jatin,

    Thank you very much for your blog post.

    I tried creating the new view and controller and I can view it, by replacing one of the standard views, as described above and it is working nicely.

    The question is then, how do I add my new custom view, to a newly created navigation item?

    I tried creating a new navigation item, as described in the cookbook(Extensibility-Customer_CookBook_SP07.pdf).

    When I click on the new navigation item an empty page displays.

    Any suggestions on how to add a view to the new navigation item are most welcome.

    Best regards, Emilie

  • I am getting file not found for newly added custom controller

    Uncaught Error: failed to load 'EnhancedShippingAddress.controller.js' from /sap/public/bc/ui5_ui5/1/resources/EnhancedShippingAddress.controller.js: 404 - NOT FOUND