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Enable SAP Crystal Reports, version for SAP HANA for SAP Lumira Server

In my previous blog posts I showed you how to install and configure SAP Crystal Reports, version for SAP HANA and SAP Lumira Server.

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In this blog I will show you how you can configure your system so you are able to publish SAP Crystal Reports documents that are stored on SAP HANA to the SAP Lumira Server launchpad. More information can be found in chapter 9 of the following document:

To enable Crystal Reports content to be listed and viewed from the Lumira Server launchpad, there are specific configuration steps that must be taken in order for the integration to work.

The following is the basic workflow to enable reports to be listed or viewed in the launchpad:

  1. Report authors save reports to the SAP HANA system.
  2. Promote reports in HANA. To promote a report, the report designer or another administrator needs to run a script in the web browser. The user settings need to be configured in the Hana SQL Connection Configuration (SQLCC).
  3. After the reports are promoted, users browse to the Lumira Server Launchpad to see the list and view the reports.

Accounts can be created and assigned to roles in SAP HANA Studio. In addition, users must be granted sufficient permissions to select data in analytic and calculation views that they need to access in SAP Lumira Server.

Let’s start with creating new user (LUMIRA_CR_PROMOTION) in the SAP HANA Studio so we can configure the SQLCC to promote CR content.


Make sure you grant the following role to this user:


Deploy the user.


If you create a user via the GUI we have to reset the password as it is flagged as initial. To do this you can for instance browse to the Lumira Server launchpad: http://<hana host name>:<XS engine port>/sap/bi/launchpad


Log in and you will be prompted to change you password.


Click on ‘Change Password’.

After you have successfully logged on please log off.


Next step is to ensure an administrative user (preferably not SYSTEM) has the following roles granted:

  • sap.hana.xs.admin.roles::RuntimeConfAdministrator
  • sap.hana.xs.sqlcc::Administrator

Browse to the following URL and login with this administrative user: http://<hana server name>:<XS engine port>/sap/hana/xs/sqlcc/

Click on the ‘’ Folder and fill in the user you have created. In our example ‘LUMIRA_CR_PROMOTION’.


Click on ‘Save’.

To enable users to view Crystal Reports content grant them the role.

Alternatively the role can be granted the role. This will automatically give all users that have been granted the role access to Lumira Server launchpad.

Final step is running a promotion script to display the latest version of reports in the Lumira Server launchpad. The promotion script must be run whenever a report is updated and saved to SAP HANA; the report should be made available to launchpad users.

To run the promotion script, use the following URL: http://<hana server name>:<XS engine port>/sap/bi/activationplugin/activate

Log in with a user that has the role granted.

  • If there is an activated report not yet promoted in Lumira, then the script automatically executes and returns the following message: Activation Successful


  • If there are no activated reports or all activated reports have already been promoted, the script returns the following message: No objects to activate.


Now let’s login to the SAP Lumira Server launchpad and try to find the SAP Crystal Report I created previously on SAP HANA.


Click on the report and it will open with the SAP Lumira Server launchpad!


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Thanks for reading!

With kind regards,

Martijn van Foeken

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