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Content Delivery with SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP12


With SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP12, a new infrastructure has been introduced to deliver new contents for Solution Manager applications. This infrastructure downloads the content (Support Packages of software component ST-CONT) from Service Market Place and then  allows the customer to import / apply the necessary content within the individual Solution Manager applications.

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Content list:

The following contents are delivered via support packages with Solution Manager 7.1 SP12.

1. Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure

2. Guided Procedure

3. Customer Usage Provisioning

Options to download ST-CONT Support Packages:

There are two options to download the ST-CONT Support Packages from Service Market Place;

1. Manually

The user will need to go to the Rapid Content Delivery application and download the Support Packages manually by selecting the required Support Package and clicking on “Download”.

2. Automatically

You can check the “Automatic Download of new content” in Solution Manager Configuration -> Basic Configuration -> Configure Manually -> Configuration for Rapid Content Delivery to download the ST-CONT Support Packages automatically from Service Market Place.

If the Configuration for Rapid Content Delivery checkbox is activated, the background job SM:RCD_CHECK_UPDATES (weekly job) checks regularly for updates of content packages, and if updates are available, downloads them from SAP Service Marketplace into the Rapid Content Delivery application, automatically


1. The ST-CONT support packages are downloaded into Solution Manager system through this infrastructure but not applied or imported into the applications. Applications like Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure (MAI), Guided Procedure (GP), has import mechanisms within its content import step where as Customer Usage Provisioning content has to be imported via RCD application.

2. It is not allowed to download the ST-CONT Support Packages from Service Market Place and import it via the standard import tools.

Pre-requisites to work with RCD (whether manually or automatically)

  1. You have maintained S-User and Password in SAP Solution Manager with download authorizations from Service Market Place. This information in maintained in Solution Manager Configuration work center -> Specify Connectivity Data. SAP-OSS connection is then created.
  2. In transaction SICF, you have maintained Global settings, and HTTP and HTTPS proxy settings to connect to SAP servers.
  3. In transaction STRUST, you have registered the following certificates for the SSL Client SSL Client (Standard) server:
    • GTE CyberTrust Global Root
    • VeriSign Class 3 Secure Server CA

How can you navigate to Rapid Content Delivery (RCD) application?

Solution Manager Administration work center -> Infrastructure -> Content -> Rapid Content Delivery

Support Component

You can raise an incident in this component (SV-SMG-RCD) if you face any issues with this infrastructure. You can use the logs section in Rapid Content Delivery application to share more information on the issues.

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  • Hi Venkatesh,

    I tried to use the default SOLMAN_ADMIN to deploy the RCD, but unfortunately, this user does not have the necessary permissions.

    Do you know which role(s) and/or profile(s) are needed? I can't find this information in the SAP Library, neither.

    Thanks in advance and kind regards


    • Hi Ingo,

      You need to have the role "SAP_SM_SYM_CONF" to access the tool. Please raise a message in the component "SV-SMG-RCD" and we will be happy to support you.