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PB-Memory Analysis / PbHeap_dump

Hello there,

i would like to get back in mind the old Memory tracing documented in EAServer / PowerBuilder Memory Tuning and Troubleshooting Technote: Modeling & Development  – Sybase Inc

subroutine PbHeap_traceOn() LIBRARY “PBVM80.DLL”
subroutine PbHeap_traceOff() LIBRARY “PBVM80.DLL”
subroutine PbHeap_debugOn() LIBRARY “PBVM80.DLL”
subroutine PbHeap_debugOff() LIBRARY “PBVM80.DLL”
subroutine PbHeap_dump(integer flags) LIBRARY “PBVM80.DLL”

As some of you may noticed that the functions was moved with PB10 – 12.5 to PBSHRxxx.DLL

I would like to ask the SAP to update the Documentation and if the information is still applicable for 64 Bit deployment.

Further more I would like to get more Information about these functions:

  • PbHeap_log
  • PbHeap_showBufferMaximumBytes
  • PbHeap_totalSizeVM



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  • Hi Marco – I’ve sent this request to engineering. Additionally, I wanted to post accurate info about the ability to  purchase EAServer as it is available for more of the same sales to existing customers. It is also not EOL in January 2015, but the EOL has been extended for Windows, Solaris, and Linux thru July 2016.

    • Hello Sue,


      Thank you for your answer and your help.

      I would like to clarify that we use this in Powerbuilder Classic. The Technote is valid for both Products “Powerbuilder Classic” and “EAServer”.

      The calls for EAServer are prefixed with Syb* e.g. SybHeap_debugOn() those for Powerbuilder with PB* e.g. PBHeap_debugOn()

      Regards Marco