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Maintain Master Data Application: Short Profile Customization

My old blogs gives a decent introduction on the “Maintain Master Data” application. In this blog, I would like to walk through simple configuration steps to hide/rename fields in the “Short Profile” without any development (no copying of screens needed).

Quick Background

Maintain Master Data Application lets HR Administrators maintain employee related information. On loading any employee/position/organizational unit, an overview (for quick understanding) of selected organizational entity is displayed through “Short Profile” information. Information from various infotypes can be displayed in this short profile. For e.g. Employee Short profile displays information like Employee Group, Employee Subgroup, Personnel Area, Organizational Unit, Email, Telephone Number and Cell Number.


Configuration Options provided

SAP has provided us a very decent way to configure the information that can be displayed in the Short Profile.


“Create Configuration for Data Retrieval” allows us to define a “Configuration” that groups all related fields together. Please find the list of SAP delivered configurations below –


And for each configuration, we have a bunch of fields linked as shown below –


You can easily remove/rename fields of this configuration to have this reflected in the Short Profile.


How can we identify the Configuration that is linked to the Maintain Master Data’s Short Profile?

It goes in two steps –

Step 1:

Identify the Short Profile related Web Dynpro Configuration using the following configuration node –


The list of Web Dynpro Configuration names (Screen names) can be easily identified based on different object types:


Step 2:

Identify the configuration linked to this Short profile screen. Open the above identified screen (in technical terms it’s called as ‘Component Configuration’) from SE80 transaction:



Click on General Settings – Feeder Class Parameters to get the “Configuration ID”.


On getting the Configuration ID, you may go back to configuration node: “Create Configurations for Data Retrieval” to add/rename fields as needed.

To simplify everyone’s life, I am putting together the Screen and Short Profile Configuration ID details for all object types:

Object Type

Standard Short Profile Screen(WD Component Configuration)

Short Profile Configuration ID




Organizational Unit






Quick Recap and Conclusion

Through this blog, we have realized the following points –

1. Quick way to remove fields from Short Profile;

2. Quick way to rename existing fields from Short Profile;

3. Option to create a new custom Short Profile configuration for any reason;

4. Option to link any custom Short Profile configuration to standard WD Screen;

In my next blog, I shall list the steps needed to add new fields to the short profile screen.

That’s all for today !

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  • Hi Rajasekhar,

    Thanks for sharing the document & can you let us know whether this configuration steps is supported in all sap versions.

    As i couldn't able to find the node Personnel & Organisation.



    • Basanthi,

      Not sure if you have HR Renewal installed in your system ? If so, can you check the related switches are active.


      Raja Sekhar

      • Thanks for your reply Raja sekhar.

        HR renewal is not installed in my system. Can you let me know what is the process of installing hr renewal.

        Is the screen of master data short profile is visible in sap easy access / or related ess & mss.



        • Hi Basanthi,

          There are many other release notes and relevant OSS Notes for installation of HR Renewal. You may request your BASIS Team to install the HR Renewal.

          Well, as said before in my previous blogs, this application is currently available to HR Administrators. You cannot access this WD Application unless until HR Renewal components are installed.


          Raja Sekhar

  • Way better and standard than the other approach. Waiting for the subsequent blog on this topic where we can see the real action 🙂

    Wondering whether the nodes for Short Profile were present in the earlier releases of HR Renewal.

    Currently not working in HR and don't have an access to a system having HR Renewal component to try my hands on 😡 .

    Thanks for Sharing !!!! Helps me remain a bit updated in these areas 😉

  • Hi Thanks for this explanation.

    How can I do to change the fields below the picture..for instance the PERNR or the picture it-self?

    Thanks a lot