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The most common problem we often face when we have to dispaly the date format and Quantity format according to the User settings.

To overcome this problem the easiest way is


DATA : lv_date         TYPE  sy-datum,       

           lv_date1        TYPE  char10,

           gv_date         TYPE char10.


     CLEAR lv_date.

     CLEAR lv_date1.

     CLEAR gv_date.

     lv_date = sy-datum.

     WRITE lv_date TO lv_date1.

     gv_date = lv_date1.

     CONDENSE gv_date.

Adobe Form:

In the Adobe Form take the Date field as TEXT and bind it with gv_date


     DATA : lv_menge(16) TYPE p DECIMALS 3,

                lv_menge1 TYPE char20,

                gv_menge  TYPE char20.

       CLEAR lv_menge.

       CLEAR lv_menge1.

       lv_menge = <fs_mditems>-menge. “Quantity

       WRITE lv_menge TO lv_menge1.

       CONDENSE lv_menge1.

       gv_menge  = lv_menge1.

       CONDENSE  gv_menge.

Adobe Form:

In Adobe Form Take the Quantity field as TEXT and bind it with gv_menge .

Conclusion: Write makes the Quantity, Date and also time according to the current user settings.

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