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Ascension from SME to a Global Brand

Ascension is defined as the moving upwards in climbing and mountaineering. We have heard many ascension stories from the bible to the global market on a daily basis. There is no economy in the world without a daily success story of a small and medium size enterprise trying to catapult into the global scene. Many have succeeded in the e-commerce, mining, pharmaceuticals and agricultural industry etc but with disastrous outcome due to rapid expansion which finally leads them to be taken over by already established companies before they reach their actual potential. A dream gone without growing to its maturity and leaving a long lasting footprint on earth.

The ability to manage a global brand could only be achieved by identifying and tailoring your products to each market. Each market or region or country is unique as they have their culture, buying pattern, government or reporting requirement, population, believes, tax etc. Growth is uncontrollable when you have a unique product and the ability to take urgent decisions can make and unmake SME enterprises. Information is the key to efficient management of resources be it human capital to wealth.

An efficient SME positioned for greater heights is one that is running on a fully integrated on- demand enterprise resource planning and business management system like SAP ByDesign(this product I have tested and use) . With high unemployment rates major companies are downsizing but many SME’s are expanding and recruiting. What could be the cause?…. INNOVATION. 

Innovation is defined as a new idea, device or process. Innovation can be viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, inarticulated needs, or existing market needs.

A good idea or product sells itself, that with minimal marketing, but efficient services or durable product the company keeps growing. Having an integrated system will give the key managers the tool they need to survive in an ever-changing market place. Imagine knowing the accurate sales figure of your product or service by mid-month and having to make adjustments within the month to reach reasonable targets. This information/reports will help the manager to place appropriate resources where needed to achieve his or her target. His pairs in the industry will be calling him a fortune teller or a magician as he is able to predict the market accurately due to the information/reports he is getting from his fully integrated online system (running from sales-purchases-liquidity management-hr-warehousing-communication-marketing-payroll etc)

I believe that with such SME systems currently in the market, at an affordable rate and supported by an efficient cloud team, being an entrepreneur would be interesting…

What do you think?

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