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Analysis for Office Result Limit and Memory Consumption

On our “How to Guidelines” session of our “SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office” wiki page you can check all information to set the result size limit of your Analysis for Office. You can also check how to analyze the limit once you got a limit issue. Check it out: Analysis for Office Result Limit and Memory Consumption.

There you will find:

  • Front End Requirements and Memory Consumption
  • .NET Framework
  • Result size Configuration
  • Customizing table RSADMIN
  • Checking on RSTT trace


Diego Ferrary

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  • Hi Diego, this is a great guide and I'm glad I found it! 🙂

    We have just migrated our users over from BEx 3.5 to Analysis and a few are getting an outofmemory error message. I have looked at their workbook and one in particular that is giving then a problem has 11 data sources totalling 4,236,955 cells of returned data. Would you say this is too much for Analysis to handle? Is it the .NET Framework application that is causing the limitation we are seeing?

    My users don't understand why they can't get their data and I need an easy way to explain this to them based on data and memory calculations...

    Regards and thanks in advance,


    • Hi Stephen,

      The frontend tool like AO and Bex analyzer is not suitable for mass data.
      The recommended value for the result set size limit is 500000, which is the default value. Your query result size (4,236,955) is much bigger than 500000. As the query result is very big, it will take a long while or most probably come to out of memory at the end.

      Please note that regardless of the memory capacity in the front-end, a process can allocate a maximum of approximately 1.2 gigabytes (GB) in the .NET framework. This is a limitation of .NET framework, and no one can change that at present. Please go though Note 1729141 for details.

      My suggestion is to reduce the result set size by changing the query definition.

      Kind regards,
      Diego Ferrary

      • Thanks again Diego,

        I have spent the afternoon watching the memory grow in task manager! I now have some hard facts to go back to my users with and I will wave that note under their noses 😉 .

        Regards and thanks,


  • Can I ask how much memory a 64 bit version of Windows allocates to a 32 bit version of Excel? Is it the same 1.2 gigabytes?

    Is the only way to increase this allocation to use 64 bit Office too?

    Regards and thanks in advance,