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Hello community,

I am not a Python programmer, but this week I had a discussion with a Python programmer about the using of actual SAP NetWeaver RFC library with Python. He told me, that he uses the library pysaprfc, which bases on the classic librfc32.dll. So I am a little bit surprised about his decision, because on the one hand Python offers via ctypes a complete interface to use the actual SAP NetWeaver RFC library. On the other hand is the classic RFC library (a little bit) outdated, e.g. it doesn’t supports all data types – look here in the ActiveX context. I am searching in the internet and I am surprised again, I can’t find an example snippet or something else. This was my launch to create the following examples.


The first example shows how to connect an SAP system:


from ctypes import *

class RFC_ERROR_INFO(Structure):
  _fields_ = [("code", c_long),
              ("group", c_long),
              ("key", c_wchar * 128),
              ("message", c_wchar * 512),
              ("abapMsgClass", c_wchar * 21),
              ("abapMsgType", c_wchar * 2),
              ("abapMsgNumber", c_wchar * 4),
              ("abapMsgV1", c_wchar * 51),
              ("abapMsgV2", c_wchar * 51),
              ("abapMsgV3", c_wchar * 51),
              ("abapMsgV4", c_wchar * 51)]

  _fields_ = [("name", c_wchar_p),
              ("value", c_wchar_p)]

ErrInf = RFC_ERROR_INFO; RfcErrInf = ErrInf()
ConnParams = RFC_CONNECTION_PARAMETER * 5; RfcConnParams = ConnParams()

SAPNWRFC = "sapnwrfc.dll"
SAP = windll.LoadLibrary(SAPNWRFC)

SAP.RfcOpenConnection.argtypes = [POINTER(ConnParams), c_ulong, \
SAP.RfcOpenConnection.restype = c_void_p
SAP.RfcCloseConnection.argtypes = [c_void_p, POINTER(ErrInf)]
SAP.RfcCloseConnection.restype = c_ulong

#-Connection parameters-------------------------------------------------
RfcConnParams[0].name = "ASHOST"; RfcConnParams[0].value = "ABAP"
RfcConnParams[1].name = "SYSNR" ; RfcConnParams[1].value = "00"
RfcConnParams[2].name = "CLIENT"; RfcConnParams[2].value = "001"
RfcConnParams[3].name = "USER"  ; RfcConnParams[3].value = "BCUSER"
RfcConnParams[4].name = "PASSWD"; RfcConnParams[4].value = "minisap"

hRFC = SAP.RfcOpenConnection(RfcConnParams, 5, RfcErrInf)
if hRFC != None:

  windll.user32.MessageBoxW(None, "Check connection with TAC SMGW", \
    "", 0)

  #- Check connection with TAC SMGW in the SAP system

  rc = SAP.RfcCloseConnection(hRFC, RfcErrInf)





The second example shows how to get the version number of the library:

# -*- coding: iso-8859-15 -*-

FileName = ""
exec(compile(open(FileName).read(), FileName, "exec"))

import sys
import platform

MajorVersion = c_ulong(0)
MinorVersion = c_ulong(0)
PatchLevel = c_ulong(0)
Version = SAP.RfcGetVersion(MajorVersion, MinorVersion, PatchLevel)

print("MajorVersion: " + str(MajorVersion.value))
print("MinorVersion: " + str(MinorVersion.value))
print("PatchLevel: " + str(PatchLevel.value))
print("Version: " + Version)

del SAP

PyVer = sys.version_info
print("\nPython version: " + str(PyVer.major) + "." + \
  str(PyVer.minor) + "." + str(PyVer.micro) + " " + \

print("Operating system: " + str(platform.system()) + " " + \
  str(platform.release()) + " " + str(platform.machine()))


As you can see I am a newbie in Python, but I think this snippets are a good precondition to intensify the using of actual SAP NetWeaver RFC library with Python directly. I developed this examples with the actual Python version 3.4.1, in an Windows environment with the actual SAP NetWeaver RFC library 720 PL24.

2015/09/16: Three days ago the new Python release 3.5.0 has been published. The method above works perfect with the new release.

2017/04/24: I check the method above with Python release 3.6.1 x64 and with the SAP NetWeaver RFC library 721 PL42 x64 and it works perfect.


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  1. Sanjayan Santhana ganesan

    Hi Stefan/Srdjan,

    Can you please  explain the same with Python RFC connector.

    My requirement is :

    It should be a simple python script which connects to ABAP function module(RFC enabled) and gets data directly into HANA system using looping logic.

    I have the import parameters and export parameters . But im not sure how to call the ABAP FM using Pyrfc  connector. The syntax itself is confusing.





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