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Becoming a tutor in the SAP UA

Becoming a tutor in SAP UA is quite a journey – having one’s own institution join the SAP UA (which was actually quite a straightforward process), getting the SAP GUI running on all university computers (having the right people in our IT department figuring this out was an enormous load off my chest – it wasn’t easy, I can tell you), and then designing a course for undergraduate Accounting and Finance students for their final year.

This is where I am currently at – I visited a great workshop at TU Munich to get acquainted with the materials (Harald Kienegger was a boon to this – great tutor), and it gave me a few ideas and even more questions to answer. The main issue I have at the moment is the right curriculum. The below is verbatim to a question I asked in the respective space here.

The course will run over 24 weeks, each week with a 2-hour lab session where students will learn about ERP, SAP and accounting and finance concepts they covered in the first two years of their programme. I will cover the basics of ERP and business processes, introduction to GBI 2.30, as well as navigation in SAP in the first three sessions. I will then proceed to the modules in the following sequence:

S&D (Introduction 1 session, 2 sessions on the UCC provided case study = 3 sessions overall)

MM (Introduction 1 session, 2 sessions on MM case study = 3 overall)

PP (1 + 2, 3 overall)

FI (1 + 3, 4 overall)

CO (1 + 3, 4 overall)

That leaves 4 sessions for assessments, etc. but this can be fairly flexible in terms of using one or two of these for additional material. There are no plans to cover WM, PS, or HCM.

Alternatively, the sequence could be S&D – FI –  MM – PP – CO.

I was wondering what members think of this curriculum. There are some unresolved issues:

– for the extended sessions on FI and CO, I might not have enough case studies on GBI 2.30. I was looking around here, but couldn’t find anything that seemed useful;

– I need to flavour the exercises and case studies with concepts from A&F in particular. The main hook here is to link information generated through transactions in S&D, MM and PP to accounting concepts. I was considering mixing the GBI slides with slides from the Magal & Word textbook.

So my questions I would really appreciate the input of the community:

– What do you think of the suggested curricula? Do they make sense, or do you see better alternatives for an A&F-centric curriculum?

– Do you think the amount of sessions allocated to the topics is sufficient, not enough, or too much?

– Where would I be able to find additional case studies for FI and CO in particular?

Moving ahead – this is where I need to experience and expertise of the community, and I would love to hear what you think.

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  • I have trained over 200 MBA/PGDM students using the curriculum.What my opinion is it has to be delivered with the curriculum.I have prepared a research proposal titled :

    Amalgamation of SAP R3 In MBA: Topic Wise Insertion of SAP R3 Modules Throughout MBA Subjects to Develop an Industry Endorsed Standardized Global Curriculum that Can Meet The Standards And Needs of the Industry.

    I am working on this.I will be posting this in the discussion forum to get the opinion of others as well.