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Teched && d-Code 2014: I have to clone myself

Hi all,

this year is my first time that I take part of d-code. I’m really looking forward to meet a lot people I just know from SCN right now. So for me the d-code is a win-win event. I will meet people face to face and get a lot of experience out of it to improve my skills.

This is my win big entry.

I just picked some of my sessions. So here we go…

The Location: Las Vegas or Berlin?

For me it is Berlin, Las Vegas would be cool, but I think I don’t can get my boss that far he will pay for my trip there*haha*

I’m from Germany, so it does not make any sense to me to go to Las Vegas, except I would spend my holiday there to combine both (I have to talk to my wife, sounds like a plan 🙂 ).

Your Plan?

Right at the moment this is my plan (not finished yet). I try to clone myself to get involved in a lot more sessions. In the end I hope that I can take part at a lot of sessions, but I think I have to make myself a decision-card to spot the most important to me.

Another solution could that I find TARDIS…

Which sessions are you most excited about?

There are too much sessions to name it all here. I’m pretty interested in a lot of the new stuff, but when I have to choose (and it looks like I have to) the Hands-On workshops.

Why are you so pumped about attending them?

The Hands-On workshops are a very cool way to get in touch with new techniques and get a guided tour by experts on this topic. Here I can name the ABAP in Eclipse Workshop (DEV165).

I really looking forward and I’m very excited to get an inside in the new features and how the ABAP-eclipse user experience is influencing the product itself. As a moderator of the space and also being a hoster (and of course also an attendee) of a Codejam about this topic earlier this year I’m really connected to this workshop.

This Hands-On is also a favorite of mine, right at the moment I work through a lot content how to build UI5-Apps by my own and there is a lot good content available here in SCN (for example: SAPUI5 project setup for beginners with HTML views – Part1: Installation) already, but I think being right next to the developers, who use this stuff every day will solve a lot of little questions in a very short time and additional to that I will see new possibilities I never had thought about before. So I’m really looking forward to get afterwards a cool fiori-app.

Get more in touch with Lumira is another goal of mine. I use Lumira from time to time and at the moment I do my first steps with a database connection and real data. There are so much new possibilities and with a good update-rhythm a lot of new features are implemented. Now I want to get new ways of thinking what to do with such a powerful tool. I like the tool, the handling and how easy it is to use. Now I want to infect other with it, so it might be useful to me to get more arguments why Lumira is great.

And last but not least I’m looking forward to another app-builder. As mentioned in the beginning my time is limited and that’s not just at the d-code itself is normal. I did not find any time right now to have a deeper look at Kapsel and so I hope to get a good guiding and get my hands on Kapsel. That’s why I do not just want to attend the hands-on workshop and additional to that (of course before) take the lecture MOB101 as shown below in the screen.

What you’re looking forward to the most: DemoJam? Hacker Night?

I’m very excited about the Hacker’s Night, absolutely for sure!

The  hacker night events are in my opinion a very cool way to get in touch with other developers and shift the knowledge of each involved person. Discuss stuff, have fun, make new friends and again, have fun. I’m really looking forward to be part of these awesome cool sessions. I never attended to such event and so I hope to have a great time and I’m pretty sure I will not be disappointed.

Advice for first timers (optional):

I’m a first timer and so I do not have to share a thing here, but luckily a colleague attended last year in Amsterdam and he told me a lot about the event. What I took out of it is that you really need a good organized day and if possible make yourself familiar with the location so you will find the correct spot in time, especially for the reserved seats 😉

Thank you for reading my thought’s about D-Code. Hope I will meet a lot of you at Berlin.

As usual, feel free to add a comment if I passed something out or even there is another view to the event.



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  • This seems like a perfect opportunity to pimp my own blog from last year. 🙂 Pretty much the only thing I regretted was the 4 hour “hands on” session. I sure hope things go much smoother at the events this year, but still a word of caution – choose wisely!

    Not sure if those will be happening in Berlin, but last year in Vegas there were shorter Q&A type sessions on the main floor that I thought were of the best value for the time spent.

    Good luck and have a great time!

    • Hi Jelena,

      I’m still not sure about the 4hours workshops and so I’m really thankful about your comment.

      Berlin also offers the shorter sessions and so I think I will take these.

      Could you please update your link, something went wrong and it contains just the sentence you wrote. (and searching your content with “Teched” brings a lot results)


      • Thanks for pointing this out, Florian, I fixed the link. By the way, I don’t have that many blogs actually, so when searching through Content tab in the profile the filters Authored and Blog posts bring up an embarrassingly short list. 🙂

  • Uuh, your schedule looks packed! 😀 I hope the 15 minutes between the sessions are enough time to get to the next one. If I image how many people will be trying to do the same thing… could get a bit timey-wimey. ^^

    I hope you have fun! Some day I’ll get to a d-code, too and I’ll probably will overload my days big time. *g*

    • Thank you Steffi,

      you are not showing up there? I thought we all can get a free beer out of your hand 🙁 .

      I also hope the 15 minutes are enough. I will prepare myself with having a printout in my hand and a map.

      I hope that is enough and the ways between are not that long and crowdy, because I’m not a good sprinter 😛


      • For Las Vegas, 15 minutes is not enough time if the sessions are on different levels of the conference center.  The other big issue is if you meet someone then hopefully they are walking in the same direction, as I have been late to sessions due to talking.