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My view on ABAP Eclipse and Feature Explorer

Hello Thomas Fiedler, first of all thank for so clear instructions which allow people not only from development but also from other areas to familiarize with Eclipse. I work in Product Support, I do not need right now to write ABAP code, but soon I will need to create reports/note corrections to SAP Customer. I intend to make use of Eclipse.

I did not know Eclipse with ABAP, I knew Eclipse with other languages plugin before Eclipse Explorer challenge.

I think feature explorer in the beginning helps, once it is practiced it is no longer necessary as any other similar guidance tool. For new features it can be always relevant.

I do not know for sure about if that is helpful to onboard new developers I would like to check the comments of Brazil ABAP expert Carlos Machado.

I liked the QuickFix variable rename, quite useful.

Besides Carlos I would like to present this to Fernando Giroleti and Israel Lemes.


Christian Rosa

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