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How to apply License Key for Plant Connectivity (PCo) 2.3

How to apply License Key for Plant Connectivity (PCo) 2.3

SAP introduced license Key from PCo 2.2 for productive usage.

After installing PCo 2.3,We need to install PCo license.If no valid license key is entered, PCo runs in demo mode. After 30 minutes, PCo stops all active instances of the PCo agent. Also a red message in the menu bar of the PCo management console indicates that PCo is running without a valid license. All features of PCo are available in demo mode.

1. Logon to PCo Server with administrator authorization .

2. Navigate to \Apps\Public\SAP\Plant Connectivity\System

3. Execute Mangement Console

PCoManagement Console.JPG

4. In the Plant Connectivity Mangement Console , navigate to Tools- SLD Registration


5. Select SLD Regsitration option and Provide the SLD details in the Pop up screen.Then select “Register”.

   SLD System URL: http://<host>:<Port>

   User Name: Enter the user id

   PCo System ID: PCo SID



6. Once the PCo system details have been registered on SLD, Need to apply License for PCo

7. Request License for PCo in Service maraket place and download it

8. Apply License for PCo instance

  a. Navigate to Help- About in Plant Connectivity Management Console And then License Key



b. In the pop up screen, Select “Import License Key” and upload the license key file.


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