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GRC Document Collaboration Topics

3/Nov/2016 blog updated for re-tagging due to SCN migration

Hi All


If you are wondering what this document is all about then please refer to: Community Collaboration for GRC Blogs and Documents – you will find an overview of what this community collaboration is about and the rules on how you can contribute. You are still encouraged to write your own blogs and documents without participating in this process (it would be nice if you could update this document to let the community know you are working on something).


You are also welcome to be both the person who suggests the topic and the author. This can advertise you are working on the topic and hold yourself accountable to a deadline that the community is aware of.


Remember: Add a row below the 3rd row of the table to included your suggestion. Please do not change the first three heading rows as these rows indicate the title and a short summary of the content below. When including your name, please include your SCN profile as a hyperlink (easiest way to open your Profile in a new browser tab and copy the URL)


Step 1: Requester to Complete Step 2: Author to complete Step 3: Author to Publish
Date Suggested Suggested By Document Type Idea Author Date Due Assistance? Link to item
DD/MM/YY Your SCN  Profile URL blog or document Title or topic idea Your SCN  Profile URL DD/MM/YY

do you want any assistance?

If yes, summarise (input, review, etc)

SCN document or blog link
27/05/14 S A Document EAM Audit Trail, Utilisation from a business point of view, high level Alessandro Banzer 31/05/15 EAM Utilisation and Log Review Process
27/08/14 Alessandro Banzer / Colleen Lee Document Analysis of the SAP delivered rule-set – do you accept as it is? Do you build your own or do you do something in between?
13/09/14 Colleen Hebbert Document Business Role Management – overview and use of the methodology customisation
13/09/14 Colleen Hebbert Blog Business Role Manager – What are the benefits and issues with using BRM and integrating with ARA and ARQ?
02/10/14 S A Document PSS – Best practices, pitfalls to avoid and things to consider while enabling PSS? Colleen Hebbert 12/10/14 Reviewed by S.A, Alessandro & Gretchen Design Considerations to reduce Password Self Service (PSS) Intruder Risk
02/10/14 Colleen Hebbert Blog BRM – discussion use of profile generation to distribute role to different systems vs system transports Alessandro Banzer 12/12/14 Input from Susanne Obrist-Niederer (Susanne is a highly experienced authorization consultant with several international projects in her backpack).
02/10/14 Colleen Hebbert Document Summary of the GRC Org structure – which sections apply to AC, PC and RM and any tips on integration with ERP
30/10/14 Darnell Suggs Document Link or Page to latest Configuration and Integration Documents for GRC AC 10.1 similar to SAP BOBJ AC 10.0
21/11/14 Alessandro Banzer Document Usage of EAM – appropriate and inappropriate usage and its dangers Alessandro Banzer 30/11/14 Reviewed by Alessandro & Colleen Usage of EAM
02/03/15 Alessandro Banzer Document Differences of direct and indirect role assignment Alessandro Banzer 06/03/15 Direct vs. Indirect Role Assignment

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      G'Day All,

      This is in regards to my suggestion for: 'Security Tools/Transactions one should have in their arsenal?' document.

      A GRC Consultant's role would entail in him/her troubleshooting and resolving errors etc on a regular basis (maybe not). So wouldn't it come in handy to know about the tools/transactions/tables etc you can utilize to troubleshoot? Obviously this only applies to GRC related tools that would complement his/her job.

      A Document on this would be very much appreciated.



      Author's profile photo Colleen Hebbert
      Colleen Hebbert
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Leo

      Looks it's in the table. Ale and I are working on this together and you will get a DM for further clarifications



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks Colleen. Ale has updated me on the details. I checked out the document and it looks pretty good. Can't wait for it to come out of the draft stage.



      Author's profile photo Alessandro Banzer
      Alessandro Banzer

      Hi Leo,

      please find your requested document here:

      Helpful transactions, tools, programs, tables, etc. for a SAP GRC Consultant

      Hope this is what you were looking for.