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SD-BIL(including output condition) KBAs released in 2014

Hello All,

I have decided to publish a list of KBAs recent for SD-BIL related area. It aims to let easier the knowledge access when it is required.

1483876 SD-BIL-RB Archiving billing documents subject to volume-based rebate Problem IVANO RAIMONDI 17.02.2014
1575749 SD-BIL-CA SD
billing and Italian legal requirement
How To IVANO RAIMONDI 15.04.2014
1971801 SD-BIL-GF-OC Errors “Please enter an address number” (Message no. AM016) and
“Communication type cannot be used” (Message no. SVN000) when sending Invoice
via e-mail
Problem Pedro Freitas 28.01.2014
1977085 SD-BIL-GF-OC VF31
fields are filled by memory data
Problem Kelly Ynoue 20.05.2014
2001668 SD-BF-ACT Reconciliation Account Determination with Payment Card not supported
in SD
Problem Kelly Ynoue 07.04.2014
2004221 SD-BIL-IL Invoice status when invoice list is cancelled Problem Christian Rosa 07.05.2014
2004233 SD-BIL-IV No
error type message when accounting creation fails
Problem Christian Rosa 17.04.2014
2009346 SD-BIL-CA Number of the Invoice value unexpected Problem Christian Rosa 24.04.2014
2011863 SD-MD-CM Validity date overlapping Problem Christian Rosa 30.04.2014

I will be following posting the other ones SD components soon.

Best Regards,
Christian Rosa

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