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Program to Perform Selective Deletion from any Info-Provider


  1. We often need to do selective deletion from any of the Info-providers including ODSO and Info-cubes. Often it is required to delete the data based on selections in a Process Chain.
  2. Also there are scenarios where the data is very huge and it takes huge amount of time in Selective deletion. But if we segregate the selections in small-small selections it takes lesser amount of time.


  1. This Program can be used to do selective deletion and can be used with Variants in any of the Process Chains,
  2. We can choose to delete the data in a Loop and the program will delete data one by one. E.g. If selection given for CALMONTH 01.2012 to 12.2012, the program will delete the data in a loop first for 01.2012 then for 02.2012 till 12.2012.

Working of the Program:

Step 1: Execute the Program


Step 2: Enter the Info-provider info-cube or ODSO or select from F4 Help.


Step 3: Select the Info-Object for which you want to do selective deletion as the F4 help will give only Info-objects of the Info-provider entered


Step 4: Enter the values in the Selections


Step 5: Check the Perform Deletion in Loop checkbox only the first row for selections will be input ready all others will be greyed out


Step 6: If you now click on F4 Help you will only see the Time Characteristics for selections/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/6_525697.png

Step 7: Choose the Info-Object and enter selection values


Precautions while using the Program:

The program can be potentially delete data from any Info-Provider and should be used carefully. Authorization to execute the program should be given only to the selected users.

Source Code Attached:

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