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Migrating from BO 6.5 to BOE 3.1

Hi All,

I wanted to share an experience that I had during migration of universes and reports from BO 6.5 to BOE 3.1

My BO 6.5 Admin gave me the bomain.key file which I used in the Import Wizard.

A little bit of background for the people like me who have never worked on a BO 6.5 system. There is no concept of CMS and filestore in BO 6.5

Instead there are domains which house the BI content. There are mainly three types of domains in BO 6.5 which I am aware of.

1. Security Domain :- It has the users, groups and the security information.

2. Document Domain :- It has the reports.

3. Universe Domain :- It has the universes.

A particular environment can have multiple Document and Universe Domains. These documents translate to folders while migrating to BOE architecture (BOE XI R2 or BOE 3.1)

bomain.key is the encrypted file which has the connection and linking information for these domains of BO 6.5 environment. You need this file while logging into the BO 6.5 system using Import Wizard.

So my BO 6.5 Admin provided me with the bomain.key file for migrating content required for the project. My BO 6.5 repository was on Oracle and so was the CMS of BOE 3.1

I faced a weird issue while logging into BO 6.5 through Import Wizard. It gave me an error about missing TNS entry. So I contacted my BO 6.5 Admin and he provided the TNS for my security domain. This help me pass the login screen.

However when I selected the folders and universes to migrate, I saw only empty folders. None of the reports or universes were visible in the Import Wizard.

To troubleshoot this issue further, I enabled tracing on Import Wizard by adding “-trace” to the IW shortcut in the startup menu. The logs were very lucid and correctly pointed to the problem.

I got the below trace in the logs.

2014/08/21 08:33:10.966|>=|W| | 3864|7560| |||||||||||||||_BOImportHelper::getUniverses: Universe 15 cannot be imported because the corresponding domain is down

2014/08/21 08:33:10.966|>=|W| | 3864|7560| |||||||||||||||_BOImportHelper::getUniverses: Universe 16 cannot be imported because the corresponding domain is down

2014/08/21 08:33:20.028|>>|E| | 3864|7560| |||||||||||||||PingDomain: Unable to connect to domain 11 because: ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified

Apparently my universe and document domains required additional tns entries. So to further overcome this issue, I just merged the tnsnames.ora file from the BO 6.5 server with the one on BO 3.1 server.

This resolved the issue and migration went very smooth.

I will just put the crux of my blog in points for easier understanding.

  • There is no CMS or Filestore concept in BO 6.5 It has domains.
  • There are three types of domains, mainly security, document and universe domain
  • These domains translate to folders while migrating to BOE XI R2\3.1
  • bomain.key file is the encrypted file holding information of all domains. It is required logging into the Import Wizard.
  • The machine\box from where you launch the Import Wizard should be able to connect to all the domains in BO 6.5 for successful migration.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you found it useful.



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