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Error: Dynamic Navigation for the Object Not Supported


Dynamic Navigation for the Object WORKITEM_IB and action F not supported.



System = SAP CRM 7 EHP2

Business Role = YBP_ICA_SRV (a copy of the IC Agent for Service)

The “Home” overview page was recently added to the WebUI for agents in our call center.  We needed this so they could see items in their workflow.  When navigating to these workflows, users received the error “Dynamic navigation for object WORKITEM_IB and action F not supported.


From the IMG > CRM > UI Framework > Technical Role Definition > Define Navbar Profile

Find the Navbar profile associated with the business role that you were using to sign into the WebUI (in our case = YBP_ICA_SRV).  Highlight the Navbar profile and double click on “Define Generic Outbound Plug Mappings”.

Navbar Profiles.png

Use the position to search for the “WORKITEM_IB” (or other object) as mentioned in the error message. The error message indicates that there needs to be an entry for type “F”.  Just to make sure, I added entries for types A – search, B – display, C – edit, and F – execute.

Outbound Plug Mappings.png

Save your entries (select transport if necessary), restart the WebUI and try the action again.

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