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Consuming HANA View(Variable/Input Parameter) in WebI using HANA Business Layer 4.x

In my previous blog I described how we can consume HANA Views using UDT(.unv) in web intelligence.

Consuming HANA views in Web Intelligence report

Here we will see how we can consume HANA views(variables and input parameters) in webi through IDT(.unx).

Keep in mind only JDBC middleware is supported for consuming variables and input parameters

At first make sure you have View created in HANA Studio and variables or input parameter over it.


Once this is executed we can create a Variable over this analytical view


This was the HANA part and after this View is executed in HANA Studio and ready to consume in BO we can now move to Information Design Tool and see how we can create connection over this HANA view and use variables and Input Parameters


So now we are creating a relational connection using JDBC as middleware for HANA

You need to specify HANA server name,port number and redentials remember in order to consume variables/input parameters only JDBC is supported with webi and not ODBC.

Refer for this.

Once local connection is created we will now reate HANA Business Layer as below


This will allow you to create data foundation and business layer in one go,once you have given names below will be the pane to select HANA View


Once you click on OK here it will create both data foundation and business layer.In the data foudation once we click on table we can see the variable dependant on it.


The next steps is very crucial we have created data foundation and business layer over a local connection hence inorder to publish the HANA business layer we need to first publish the connection and then point the data foundation to the published connection shortcut(.cns)


Now the HANA Business Layer is ready to be published to repository and for reporting.

Now you can create webi over this HANA universe and run it successfully.


Hope this blogs helps all 🙂

I am open for any comments or queries on this.

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  • Hi,

    Good info.I have a doubt here.

    If we don't want to use Prompt in any webi report then do we have any option to disable/delete the prompt.I want it to be available in Universe.

    • Hi Sreenivas,

      There is no way as far as I know to achieve that.

      Only possibility is you can have them optional intead of mandatory in HANA.



      • Hi Pranay,

        No.I believe giving option is not solution for this.Some reports don't require any prompt whether it is mandatory or optional.

        It is a bug.In Webi we should have an option to choose the required prompts may be in the properties window where we see list of the prompts

        Thank you


        • HI Sreenivas,

          If I do not consider HANA Variable but take an example of relational database universe.

          There also if we have a filter at universe level it gets propagated to webi or any reporting tool.

          This is by design and in case you want to raise an enhancement you can log it at .

          Hope this helps 🙂



  • what's the difference between Variable and Input Parameter.

    I have some confusion.

    Could you tell more?

    when to use variable and when to use inpu parameter.