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Auto Updation of Date Specifications and Mail Generation

Hello Friends,

This document is dealing with Auto Updation of Dates in the IT 0041 (Date Specification) while doing the Action Types through PA40 and any master data change through PA30.

* This topic is already documented but due to some reasons it was deleted and i’m uploading again.

Dynamic Action for automatically updation of Info type 0041 – Date Specifications when any Personnel Actions done in the System through PA40

For this we need to configure the table V_T548Y – Date Types & V_T588Z – Dynamic Action


Creation of Date Types in the table V_T548Y



Create Dynamic Actions – V_T588Z

  1. For Hiring Action


     2. For Employee Confirmation Action


     3. To default IT 0019 Monitoring of Tasks

Here fields

VTRZH = 012 means Months from the Time units table

VTRAN = 3 means add / subtract 3 months period for the Begin date to IT 0000

VTROP = + means addition (i.e., add 3 month to IT 0000 Begin date)

Time measurement table V_T538A



     4. For Sending Automatic Mail for list of People (like supervisor, manger, etc…) while doing the Action type –  Promotion Action with Reason for Action 01


For Sending Mail, need to create the Mail Body and list of Employee’s for whom mail has to sent and activation of Features 

  1. Creation of Mail Body through T-code: SO10



     2. Create Distribution list in the T-code: SBWP



     3. Assignment of FEATURES

         RCIEV – Defining a distribution list or mail address


M0001 – Parameter settings for mail on change to infotype record

IDTXT       –       Text Name while creating the Mail body through SO10 “MAIL_FOR_I0000”

RECV1     –       Administrator for HR master data

RECV2     –       Payroll administrator

RECV3     –       Time Management administrator

SUBTY     –       You want the employee whose data is changed to receive an Email, here you specify   which subtype is to be used to read the employee’s        infotype 0105 record, that is, in which subtype store the employee’s mail name. The employee only receives a mail if SUBTY is filled.

OUTBX     –        The mail should be in the sender’s outbox       


DISTR      –        Distribution list that is stored in the general folders in SAP-Office (Transaction SO04).

NAME1     –       It triggers the mail if the IT 0001 is changed and system read the feature RCIEV

NAME2     –       Any Data changes after triggering the Mail, we can create a new list for mail in RCNEW

NAME3     –       It check the Old data means data prior to changing the infotype record that triggered a   mail to be sent. You can define distribution lists and recipients in the feature RCOLD

TCODE     –       Transaction code

PAINF      –        Info type

PASUB    –        Subtype

PABEG    –        Begin Date

PAEND    –        End Date             

PAFCD    –        Function Code




Thanks and Best Regards,

Praneeth kumar

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