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TBB1 posting error : CO number range exhausted


Recently we came across a case where the CO number range were exhausted. This affected postings in various sub modules including treasury.

When i searched i couldnot find any blog for this but only some discussions hence summarising in total to help others.


The below are the possibilities of resolution in KANK :

  • If there is no overlapping with other number intervals, you can simply increase the value for the interval upper limit. Number assignment is then continued at the current number level – In our case it was not possible as we have overlapping number ranges but this solution might help others.
  • Assign the transaction to a different number range group in which the number interval for internal number assignment has not yet been exhausted. The next document number is issued from this interval. – we had no group in which number ranges were not in use hence created a new one as below.
  • Create a new number range group with an interval in which no CO documentnumbers have yet been issued. Then, assign the transaction to this new interval.

           Creation of group


          Creation of number ranges


          Assigning the transactions to the new groups


Please add anything to this if missed. Hope this helps someone.



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