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Launching iView in new window without PORTAL HEADER doesn’t work


If you are creating new portal page/application which you intend to open in new window without the portal header however when you launched application from SAP Portal, header is still in place. All iView configuration seems to be correct and in place.

Root Cause:

SAP doesn’t enable headerless framework by default from version 7.3 onwards. Due to that your portal application doesn’t run in headerless page. It always opens it in NavMode=3 instead of NavMode=10.


You will have to manually create headerless framework from SAP provided default header less framework. Follow the below steps:

1.  Copy and paste your current Desktop page in the same location where it exist e.g. portal content -> xxx -> xxx and give a different name from original one      so that you can differentiate also change ID of iView by right click and change ID e.g. In my landscape I have my company specific Ajax Framework page      created by us. I have copied it and created Ajax Standard Framework Page by copy and paste. Also change the ID.


Change ID:


2.     Open newly created (Ajax Standard Framework Page) and delete added framework (highlighted). For Example:



/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/3_525007.png /wp-content/uploads/2014/08/4_525008.png

3.   Add SAP default headerless framework. You can get SAP default framework from below path

        Content Administration -> Portal Content -> Content Provided by SAP ->Admin Interfaces -> Admin iView Templates -> Browser Document Mode with Technical Hidden iViews               Container option. It should look like below (highlighted):


4.  Remove Additional Attribute “Links and Nodes” Parameter value. It should be empty as below


5.  Once it is performed, you need to make changes in iView launching property as below(highlighted):



That’s it. You have created a Headerless portal page / application.

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    • Hi Jorge,

      It was good to know that my blog could help you to provide resolution for your problem. Positive feedback always encourage to write more. 🙂


      Ravi Maheshwari

      • Hi Ravi,

        Nice blog.

        Thanks for sharing this information.

        We have NW7.4 and using AFP Standards mode and IE11.

        We set  IE=5, IE=Emulate7 in the Browser Document Mode iview property.

        New windows are opening without Headerless portal.

        But this settings forced all iviews rendered in IE5 when open in a new window.

        But we want some iviews need to be rendered in Standards mode when open in a new window without any header.

        I followed the steps in this blog. I copied Ajax Standards Mode Framework Page.

        In NW7.4  Browser Document Mode iview is already added. So I removed Standard Ajax Headerless Framework Page and Ajax Headerless Framework Page. Links & Nodes parameter values are already blank.

        I added this copied page to the Ajax Standards Mode Portal Desktop and set as default.

        When I logged in to test this, it has the header (Masthead & TLN).

        When I opened a new window which also has the header.

        Then I unchecked the AFP Masthead iview Visible , Fixed checkboxes and  also removed Ajax Top Level Navigation view in the copied framework page.

        After made the above changes, when I login, MastHead and TLN are removed from the Portal.

        I want to see the MastHead and TLN in the Main Portal window, but when I open in a new window, it should be rendered in Edge (Standards mode) with out any header.

        Is this possible to implement?



        • Hello Thruna,

          Thanks for your reply. All iViews are opend in IE5 mode because Browser Document Mode iview property should be set to one either to IE=5 or IE=Emulate7. Set only one value and try.

          Regarding, you want header on main portal but not in new open window. I would like to know what portal desktops you have set into desktop rule. you should not assign newly created headerless desktop to all user however you should assign standard desktop to users.


          Ravi Maheshwari

      • Hi

        I am calling WEBGUI directy. I have created an iview and I have assigned this iview to a role.

        I need call this WEBGUI and display it in separate headerless portal windows without portal.

        I have add this property:


        However  when I launched application from SAP Portal, header is still in place.

        I am checking you blog:

        I have a question: With this I dont have headerless when I call other applications ?

        • Dear Wilman,

          Sorry for late reply. I was away for sometime. have you set this property for iView correctly. You need to set this property for all involve objects.

          Answer to your question: Other applications will not affect as this is specific to objects we modify.


          Ravi Maheswari

        • Hello,
          I just accomplished something similar to what you need.

          It helped me reading (again) about NavMode=10 URL parameter which was key to getting the URL concatenated as I need.

          I have an WEBGUI iview in the PCD. So my URL is like  this


          It would call the IAC iview which sits in a given ROLE.

          Then defineds to use NavMode=10

          Then passes on the ApplicationParameters, like sap-client of the target system (if needed), the transaction to be called with an asterisk in front, which might be valuable to other readers.

          I found in another article or forum entry on SDN that this way I can add a blank  and then add name value pairs to fill certain selection fields in the first screen of the transaction.


          Why did I put NavMode=10 into the middle of the URL ?

          Because it is then easier for my development colleague to dynamically create the URL and append parameter value pairs to the end as  he likes.

          Please mind that the values of ApplicationParameter are URL encoded.

          Hope this helps some guys  looking for similar information, or myself in the near future when re-searching the same topic. 😉

    • Hi Manoj,

      I’m glad to know that my blog could help you to resolve your issue. If you find it useful, please rate the blog. 🙂


      Ravi Maheshwari

      • Ravi,

        Thanks for your reply.

        After created this, Do I need to add this Framework page to the AFP Standards Desktop and set as default.

        Am I missing any steps here?



        • Hi Taruna,

          By preforming my blog you have just created a Framework page but it needs to be add into a desktop which will be visible to user based on desktop rule definition. You would have customized desktop created, add newly created headerless framework into that desktop and then assign that desktop to users in main_rule.

          So step by step:

          Step 1: Follow my blog and create headerless framework.

          Step 2: Add newly created herderless framwork to desktop. (Desktop will be visible from System administration tab but not from content administration tab)

          Step 3: Assign desktop to users again from system administration tab -> Portal Content -> Portal administration -> Super Administrators -> main_rules.

          Once you have done this. I am sure, you will see you application in headerless mode.


          Ravi Maheshwari

          • Ravi,

            Thanks for your detailed reply.

            If you see my first reply, I followed all the steps.

            Step#3 in your blog,  Masthead iview’s visible and fixed properties are unchecked and the Ajax Top-Level Navigation iview was deleted in the screenshot but it is not mentioned.

            Based on the screenshots in this blog, I followed the all 3 steps and then added this Framework page to the Ajax Standard Mode Portal Desktop.

            Then added in the desktop rule collection for Z_user.

            When I login as Z_user, MastHead and TLN is removed.

            I am trying to implement like below.

            When login as Z_user, he wants to see the MastHead and TLN, but when open page/iview in a new window, it should be headerless with NavMode=10.

            current behavior–

            If you set Browser Document Mode property IE=Emulate7.  It always open the iview in a window with NavMode=3.



          • Hello Thruna,

            Thanks for your reply and feedback.

            In Step#2, I have mention the require objects to be deleted. I have also attached the screen shot of before and after. I am sorry, if it was not clear. I will try to improvise it.

            Step#5 needs to be preform only on the iViews you want to show in headerless window but not on the masthead iView and Framework page. Can you cross check it? I am mostly suspecting this that this might have misconfiguration.

            If nothing is working then you can do one more think to check the behaviour of application. Add Ajax standard framework Page and Ajax headerless framework page to your customized framework page and then add “Browse document mode” to Ajax standard framework page. assign this framework page to desktop and then Z_user. let’s see how it behaves.


            Ravi Maheshwari