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How I become SAP Consultant

During my school days, when our home appliances used to run out of order and serviceperson invited for repair, out of inquisitiveness I used to jump by his side to see what exactly he is doing with the machine. Staring at me he must be thinking why I am disturbing him to perform his job. Those days the words like IC, diodes, transistors, resistors seems very fascinating.

In our place, the career path was fixed either become a doctor or an engineer. Exactly following the trend, I joined one of the esteemed engineering college of India and graduated in ‘Metallurgy and Material Science’ specialization. No idea why I did engineering, no clue where I would end up doing a job. Finally, I was placed in a manufacturing company in India and started working. Very happy that I have found a nice job, importantly salary and freedom to spend.

While working in shift operations, I had my first encounter with SAP, one day my boss asked me to order in SAP system few items like hand gloves and gas masks. Totally perplexed !! What is this SAP stuff? , How to do this? I had no idea, I took his help, and he told me that on the desktop computer screen there is an Icon i.e. SAP logon pad. I just followed each and every step of how to create a purchase requisition written on a separate notebook and clicked on button save. That was a nightmare for me. GOD, I did that! and after 2 days I received my indent items. That was the first time I realized the power of SAP,  how fast a business transaction takes place.

Working for about a couple of years still, I had no clue why am I working there? My seniors suggested If you want to excel in career and earn a handsome go for MBA.  I did an MBA in Marketing and IT while pursuing the program we underwent course on basic awareness in SAP. Many of us were unaware – Is SAP a word, company or something else? In that due course of time, I started reading about ‘SAP’ and got infatuated with SAP terminology.

The placement season has begun and my batchmates were started getting job offers, going out of league I thought why not to make a career in SAP. The year 2008 was tough for placements and for job seekers since the recession had badly hit the market. IT companies were canceling campus visits, although I managed to sit in a couple of companies but was rejected, the reason was I  had no previous IT experience. At that time looking for SAP jobs without having relevant background was a distant dream. Time passes by and I kept trying finding a job in IT, Alas!! The only thing I received was a rejection.

Wherever I appeared for an interview the HR person has one similar question to ask – Do you have SAP background? I said no I do not have, then I am sorry, there is no opportunity for you. Is it not an Irony that until someone doesn’t get a chance to work, how he/she will get an experience!!

The more I was rejected the more I got determined to find an SAP job. I used to get motivation in the quote by Vince Lombardi- Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can.”

MBA degree got over and my education loan EMI was started. I was jobless for a year. Everywhere only rejections even I tried for 10K (Indian Rupees) per month job.

One day I got an offer for an Assistant manager- Sales position from one of the largest Indian steel company. Finally, the good time has returned – what next? Still, I wasn’t happy as I didn’t land where I wanted to be. The only satisfaction that I had was working as an SAP end user. But unaware which module I am using? After settling down in my job, I started building my sales and marketing skills and understanding the entire end to end business process i.e. order to cash.  Off late I realized that as an end-user I am working on the SAP SD module and that paved the way for me to find a job in SAP SD.

While at work  I was also exploring possibilities on how to get into the SAP SD. Having a Sales and operation domain, I got an interview call from one of the big consulting company. The interview was scheduled and I was totally unaware of the SAP SD questions !!

In the interview, there were many questions asked from customizations and pricing/OTC concepts. I failed miserably since as an end-user I had only seen SAP screen and few reports for example transactions like order creation (VA01), Customer Account Line Item Display (FBL5N), Customer Master data, etc. and No idea how this SAP stuff works behind the screen. 

In a couple of months, I faced 3 interviews – but failed there too. Finally, at my last interview, I dared to ask from the interviewer about my feedback – He said you have good domain experience but no SAP experience except as an end-user.  May I suggest!! why don’t you go for SAP SD certification from one of the SAP authorized training centers? Probably after certification, you will have a fair chance of qualifying interviews.

The very next day I went to the training center, I enquired about the course and the fees was approx. 3.5 lakhs (Indian rupees).  Oh My God!! I have EMI running for education loan and now this 3.5 Lakhs, where should I go. I approached the bank it was very difficult to get a loan due to my existing loan and on top of that bank’s high-interest rates.

I was clearly looking at my destination but how to overcome the hurdle of arranging money. Come what may, I will go for certification – somehow I arranged money with family and friends?

I joined the course and started romancing with the classroom environment during the entire course duration. Now I was equipped with SAP knowledge and clearly able to correlate my domain experience with the SAP SD concepts. This day it’s curtain how this SAP stuff works behind the screen. On the final day of the exam, Just before clicking the submit button. I closed my eyes and said If I love it I will get it. I pressed the button; hurray, I passed the exam with excellence.

I can’t express that moment I have had experienced – big relief that one hurdle is over.  Within a month I got my first call and I cleared the interview in one largest Indian IT company.  After Interview, while coming out of the company’s sprawling campus I looked back at the Gate- I said YES I HAVE DONE IT. YES, I HAVE CROSSED THE GATE.  All credit goes to the SAP certification program and the value it holds in the corporate SAP world.

I can proudly say that the SAP certification program has given me a launchpad to start my career in SAP. Now I am an SAP SD consultant working in projects to support our customers realizing their business benefits using SAP.

The people who wish to pursue a carrier in SAP may surely take advantage of the SAP certification program. Before that, one should ask from within that am I really wanting to do this, or just like that because it has a good career option providing white color job and handsome salary / foreign trips.

Globalization, cultural diversity, and vast knowledge sharing platforms has brought ample opportunities in every walks of life, one can now make a career in any field provided where one wishes to be.

Live your dreams and keeping trying someday you ought to make it true.

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  • Thanks Rahul for sharing your wonderful experience and career journey.

    You have proved that how SAP Certification could be useful if effectively planned their careers. I am sure your business process knowledge, domain experience and end user knowledge might also have added values in your journey. This would be your starting point, hope you would reach many more laurels in your career.

    All the best and keep learning daily.

    Best Regards,


  • Hi Rahul

    First of all congratulations for achieving your goal after facing so many failures .You proved that we can achieve anything with perseverance.I hope your journey will be inspiration to many.All the Best!!!!



  • Hi Rahul,

    Congratulations! finally a hard fought struggle comes to an end.. But as far as SAP is concerned it’s just a beginning..long way to go 🙂

    All the best!


  • You are so awesome! I earned SAP ECC6.0 in 2013, but don’t have any experience in SAP. I am still seeking SAP position. hope I will change my current situation very soon.



  • Hi Rahul,

    First of all I would like to thank you for writing such inspiring & encouraging blog.I  am also from an engineering background then did MBA in Finance now having one one year experience in Multinational Investment servicing bank wants to enter into the SAP world & looking forward  to FI module.

    I am facing the same problems as you mentioned in the blog,but I wanted to know whether you started preparing for SAP in advance before joining SAP certification or was it during certification programe you learnt about SAP.Also according to you,is it feasible that after just one month of SAP practice during certification candidate is ready to face SAP world ?

    As a fresher into SAP world I know it will be challenging to get a job but how did you manage to get a job where companies mostly prefer experienced candidates over freshers.

    Thank You.

    • Hi Prashant,

      Thanks for appreciation 🙂

      I was working as SAP end-user in tmy previous companies, so I was aware about SAP and later  collected more information on SAP SD via internet.

      That’s the beauty of SAP certification program that you learn so quickly about the SAP at conceptual level. If you can correlate with your business functions then this is sufficient to clear SAP interview questions, bcoz the interviewer is aware that u are new to SAP and basically they check basics and concepts.

      If you have good domain experience and SAP certificate then you can manage to get interview calls.

      I hope this clears your queries.



      • Hi Rahul,

        I agree with what you said.

        Before doing certification you already were working as SAP end-user,so it helped you to get upperhand during certification & also during interviews.

        In the same way I am thinking to get trained in SAP in FI module from small institute before joining certfications so that i will be able to understand concepts more clearly.



  • Hi Rahul,

    This article is awesome and moral for me as i am also a fresher in SAP. I have done from computer science but even then don’t know about SAP. I have not a specified way to get a job then i got a opportunity of 3 month graduate training and presently i am doing that here i got a view of sap as implementation is going on in my company. Now i feel that i got a way to build my career. I am getting familiar with all the modules here after that i will choose one from them to build my career. Thank you to you for posting such a wonderful article please help me more to build up my SAP career.



    Chetan Garg

  • Hi Rahul,

    Can you tell me that what is the difference between configuration and customizing this topic is confusing for me. Please help out by an example.


    Chetan Garg

  • Hi Rahul,

    Can you tell me what are the challenges you are facing as SAP consultant ,does it involves extensive travelling with long working hours in a week?

    Also,I am thinking to discontinue my current job to pursue SAP certification,as my current employer is not flexible to offer one month of leave in current job to pursue SAP certification so was  thinking to take this decision.

    Please advise what is your opinion on this.

    I will greatly appreciate your help !!


    Prashant Piprade

  • great story, very inspiring.

    will you be able to help me with some places that teaches online training for SAP?

    i would greatly appreciate it.


  • Dear Mr.Rahul Prakash,

    I really appreciate your efforts to reach the goal & interest in sharing the wonderful journey towards “SAP”.

    Its resembling the “Struggle for existence ” of a Middle class common man.

    The best thing is “You made your career” in between lot of hurdles with out ignoring. Really inspiring & encouragement to beginners especially.

    Wish you all the best for your bright future.


    Subba Rao.Narnei

  • Hi Rahul,

    Heartiest Congratulations !

    Wish you a very bright and successful career ahead. 😆

    I wish, same as like you, I would have lucky enough to marry my love. 😘

    Same as like you me too joined SAP career but dropped it. 🙁

    I am also a SAP Certified consultant but have different taste in life. 😯

    Have shared my experience in this DOs & DON’Ts for SAP Career (Certification) on the basis of my on going journey from an Accountant to SAP FI Consultant.Blog

    any way..

    Once again Congratulations from bottom of my Heart. 🙂



  • Hi,

    I have two years of experience in IT industry as a Java programmer and currently pursuing Masters in computer science. I am in my final semester and looking for internship so that i could make a career in SAP BO or BI. Could someone guide me in this.



  • Hello I read your blog about becoming a Consultant I. I really want to go down this path. I have 10 + years of SD AND MM end user experience. At my job location I am their guru. I want to branch and do what you are doing. What is your suggestion. Are there any grants available anywhere that will allow a person to get their training necessary to become certified?

    • Hi DaJohn,

      If you are having 10+ years of end user experience, you should seriously consider getting some formal training. Without formal training, nothing much can be done. Usually these training courses range from 1 to 2 months depending on the daily duration. I do not think SAP Certification would be a difficult task for you, as you are already working on a daily basis.

      I personally feel, if you are not looking to switch yourself from end user role to consulting role, then you are doing injustice to your skills.

      It is now time for you to take up something seriously.

      Kind Regards,


    • Hi Ross,

      I agree with Ravi , this is the right time for you to move in the consulting role. You can watch out to the link and check the certification at your location.