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Frequent errors in WebI

Below are some frequent errors that occur in WebI:


A database error occured. The database error text is: The supplied XML is not valid. [Measures].[0701FBYSYG9KJQ47GRMMAVZ89]. (WIS 10901)



The error is because at least one of the objects used in the report is not defined correctly in the universe.

Find out such objects by an integrity check of the universe in Quality and correct them. Alternatively, you can refresh the universe structure to update it. Don’t forget to export it after any change. Then create reports on top of it. If you are trying to refresh a migrated report, make sure there is no reference to an object which does not exist in the updated universe. If the problem is after migration of universe and report from dev to quality, I shall recommend to check if the BEx queries are in synch in two environments


Might be your KeyFigure(Measure) object changed. Goto universe and refresh the structure and export it. Now drag the correct object and run the report.



File Repository Server Input is down in BO Universe


1.    This error occurs due to one of the problem like “ports blocking by the firewall at Workstation/Client or Server”.

  1. First set up Firewall logging for the dropped packets to see what ports were being used by default. I then set specific ports other than the default for Input & Output FileRepository Server
  2. At server side, assign any specific port number say 6851(BO port no range between 6400 – 7400) in the CMC > servers > core servers > right click on service > properties -Common settings – request port as below shown figure
  3. At client side, I asked my system admin to “turned off” the windows firewall or to release the port series (6400 – 7400) from windows firewall bi-directional on my current windows workstation



There is no universe file attached to Universe InfoObject


This is common as the CMS Database gets out of sync with the filestore..not saying it is a good thing..but I have had the error before..

If you go to the CMC and look at the properties of the universe you will see the location in the filesstore of the .unv file..probably a dozed folders deep..thankyou very much Business Objects.

If you go to this folder, and do not see the .unv file..that is your issue..either re-export from universe designer..which it may not let you do..or manually find the .unv file on your (or the universe desingers) computer, and copy into the folder.

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