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Consuming HANA views in Web Intelligence report

Hana Views can be consumed in Web Intelligence reports through a universe created from Universe Design Tool using JDBC/ODBC connectivity.

Once we have View created in HANA Studio in the Content section under project


We can see them under _sys_BIC schema under Catalog part


Remember this is purely a relational component of HANA and HANA Studio and it is a tabular form of View(data foundation).

After this is activated in HANA system and executed we can create a relational connection using Universe Design Tool through odbc/jdbc middleware.


The above figure depicts the tables under _sys_BIC and all the entried are HANA View in relational form.

After this it is a similar procedure like we create a relational universe in UDT.

Always remember Web Intelligence does not support Variables and Input Parameters refer below link

When the universe is created you can create a Web Intelligence report over it.

Hope this blog helps users who wish to consume HANA Views in Web Intelligence 🙂

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