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Collaboration Between IT and Product Technology: Driving Revenue Growth

Many high tech companies are using SAP solutions to run their key business processes, from accounting to procurement and from manufacturing to engineering. Because of this, their IT-organizations have developed deep knowledge of the SAP applications, as well as the SAP technology that provides the foundation. This includes database technology, analytics, mobility and cloud as the most important examples.

The SAP technology that the CIO has deployed to run the business, can also help the CTO to improve the capabilities of the high tech equipment that is being sold to customers. The share of software in the total cost of developing high tech equipment has increased dramatically over the last few years and customers expect those products to provide superior technology. Because of this, CIOs and CTOs have a unique opportunity to work closely together and drive product innovation, thereby differentiating their portfolio from the competition.


In summary, CIOs who have already deployed SAP to run their key business processes should not hesitate to reach out to their CTOs to discuss how SAP technology can contribute to the differentiation of their products in the market.

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  • Excellent points Arjen.  This would take the relationships between SAP and its customers to a new level, from vendors to partners / co-innovators.  I agree that if a customer has already begun a “vendor” relationship with SAP, why shouldn’t they consider taking it to the next level and leverage the technology in concert with their own offerings to drive new types of business solutions.  But I would also say that companies can achieve this end even if they aren’t using SAP solutions internally.  “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” ~Peter Drucker