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Blog – Sucessfully installed Eclipse in my system

Hi Everyone,

  This is my first blog which I am considering to represent my self over in SCN. I started my career 4 years ago, Currently working as ABAP Consultant in SAP Partner company, the company which use to provide the SAP Software service all over the world.

I am here posting this blog after read the following blog wrote by Thomas Fiedler

Become an ABAP in Eclipse Feature Explorer and earn the Explorer Badge

I use to attend more number of conferences all over India. Based on that, have more number of friends. Even in every technical conference, I use to hear one sentence ‘Use Eclipse for Development‘. Everyone push me to do that. But at the time, I thought to do it. I didn’t did, because of maybe time constrains and also some client are not getting upgraded(below 7.31 version).

As everyone knows,  sometime still the problem comes we won’t step forward to find the solution.

download (1).jpg

According to Murphy’s law,

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong

In the same way, I too faced one problem in development system, due to network issue which is not faced before, I shifted to eclipse from SAP GUI.


Done a development a month ago, whenever I use to do the coding, always have a thought in mind to save the code for every 10 minutes. But now, I forget to save the code, that lead me to rewrite the 100 lines of code again.

images (1).jpg

But I make sure the same thing should not repeat it again. In order to move forward with my career over development, It is required to find the development tool which works even in offline.


I found the solution after browsing the Internet as ‘Use Eclipse for Development‘.


In the same way, I shifted from SAP GUI to Eclipse for development.

Shift from SAP GUI to Eclipse.jpg

In order to survive in the world it is required to learn new things also have to adopt the old one too, else we will be thrown out as shown below 🙂 .


Eclipse Feature Explorer will really help the new ABAP Developer in Eclipse Environment. There are more number of options available in eclipse that helps the developer for developing the complex application.

Also I am suggesting the following post to everyone

How to get your colleagues into ABAP in Eclipse

Please find the link to Install the Eclipse in your system

SAP Development Tools for Eclipse

I would like to say one thing to everyone as per my experience ‘It is not easy to learn anything, also it is not too far to learn’. Everything depends on ourself.

I would like to suggest Eclipse to the following Person

R Sampath Kumar Kannan Nair  Midhun VP Dhivya Shanmugam ManiGandan G.


Rajkumar Narasimman

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  • Hi Raj,

    After coming across your blog I installed eclipse and started exploring it, as first time user I find it difficult to use vis-a-vis se80 which I have been using for years.

    Can you tell me how do I navigate by double clicking on code, the eclipse is just acting like a text editor and not like SE80. if it is possible in eclipse also it is great other wise I have to move back to se80 only I suppose 🙂 .



      • Thanks Sebastian, I was able to using F3 but double click is still better. Also can you suggest me how to create global classes, in Se24 it is very easy where the programmer does not explicitly declare the method definitions, but it is more of an entry which actually is very easy, but when I go to create a class in eclipse I feel I need to code the method and data definitions. is there a way out of this like se24.

        • Just have a look at the Feature Explorer (Ctrl+3 - Feature Explorer) , it will guide you through central features of ABAP in Eclipse and also explain several tips and tricks for those that are unfamiliar with Eclipse.

          For assistance in source-code-based development, please also have a look at the Quick Assist functionality. Documentation is available in Help -> SAP - ABAP Development User Guide -> Concepts -> Quick Assists

    • Hi Raghavendra,

      Please find the shortcuts for navigation below.

      Shortcuts for Navigation:

      Shortcut What it will do
      CTRL-L Jump to line in editor
      CTRL-O Launch the Quick Outline to easily navigate to methods, attributes etc.
      ALT+LEFT/RIGHT Navigate through the editor navigation history
      CTRL+; / :  Step quickly through the editor markers, like tasks, bookmarks, error markers, ATC findings etc.
      F3 Navigate to the definition of the selected element, e.g. variable, method, attribute etc.

      Also please find the below link.

      Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for ABAP in Eclipse

      Working with ABAP Development Tools (Quick Launch)


      Rajkumar Narasimman