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About word wrap at coding

First, I think now the most common option to choose when you have to wrap your code is this one:

(or almost the most common I’ve seen people are used to)


But let me say to you that there is another suitable option, that in my opinion is better.

What this option does is, to keep the whole lines into the source code, and then

to cut them at a position, the one that you’ve chosen.

For example, here is the selection at first.



Then, this result has the following effect:


Then, if we save the code, it’s keeping and showing with this line larger than our expectations…

So, we have to toggle to this option:


Then, the result is the following:


SO, briefly, this option keep the source code “as it”, but the only thing is that it “truncates” the code,

and to put it immediately at down first position.

I think this option is better, because it keeps the source code unchanged, and then you can choose

on which position is going to be better to be truncated.

Hope it helps.


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    • I think the best option is to have a source code without word wrapping, and the you can cut it off at where you want. I’m talking about, the most suitable option for me is, to take the ABAP instructions up to 72 characters, and then comments more than this size. Or well, you can take more for ABAP instructions (always that you don’t have a REUSE ALV), and even more for comments…

      I think, for example, if you have in your office a bigger screen than maybe your personal netbook, and when you want to see the code on netbook screen it’s complicated…

      So, besides, if you have a code with more than 72 characters, and you want to cut it off to 72, with the following option you can see this excess without a line hard break…

      (so, it’s easier to visualize which line is more than 72, and to cut it off)