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Web Intelligence Rich Client Prompt

In BO, we need to setup a user selection screen for most of the reports where user feed their input and based on the input value report will display the results.

We can get the Prompt option in 2 ways either in IDT or WEBI.

Prompt option in IDT,

We can create prompt (Dynamic filter) by creating filter in Business layer. If you don’t know where to create filter, check it below.


Double click on the filter and go to WHERE area, their you can use @prompt function to achieve the prompt.

@Prompt Function Syntax:

@Prompt (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

1=”Prompt Message” (This will show while prompting)

2= Prompt Type (A = Character ; N=Number; D=Date; U=Unit)

3=Class Name/Object Name

4=Multi or Mono (Multi = Multiple (2001,2002, 2003); Mono=single (2001))

5=Free / Constrain (Free – Select Value from LOV; Constrain – Select Value)


Example Value : .”VLCVEHICLE”.”MATNR” IN @Prompt(‘Enter Value’,’A’,{‘value1′,’value2′,’value3’},Multi,Constrained)

Prompt option in WEBI

Create a new document based on the source of input (Universe or any other type of source). Drag and drop the object in query filter area and choose the prompt option in the right side option.

You can set the prompt properties there itself.

Check the Query properties, you can check the Prompt function. While adding object in query filter and set as prompt , in backend it will convert into prompt function.

At end of the day both the function is same (IDT & Webi)

We achieved the prompt option, Now run the Query, prompt will come.



Please let me know, if any issues.

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