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Virtual SCN Community Clubhouse Meet-ups – Connect, Collaborate, Contribute, Converse

In a continuing effort to improve the quality of the community experience on SCN, our SCN team is gauging the community’s interest in having us host a live series of online meet-ups or open dialouges.

These “open house” sessions could include a simple format of “hangouts” or might incorporate speakers on community topics that you suggest or champion.  You are invited to vote for these on Virtual Clubhouse Idea on Idea Place .

Some examples of topics could be:

  • How to Make the Most of Your Post – What is valuable content? How can you make sure that what you’re sharing will be appreciated by the audience?
  • Netiquette – Remember the Human – hosted discussion and coaching around acceptable (and irksome) behavior in the SCN community
  • Bring Your Favorite Tip – Points or Pointless SCN? Search Before You Post? Newbie or Nuisance? What are some of your tips for successful participation?

Suggested format:


SCN members worldwide are invited to engage virtually with other SAP customers, partners and employees. We would particularly be welcoming the “newcomer” types.


Live, facilitated, virtual , and fun SAPhood  sessions providing informal opportunities for SCN community members to provide feedback, raise issues, air concerns, share tips and learn new skill sets.

When & Where:

Quarterly, beginning in Q4, four(4) hour “open house” time slots hosted online by the SCN team and community experts encouraging international / multi-topic participation.


Gather valuable insights about SCN participation while encouraging better content creation, commitment, collaboration, connectivity, and contribution to SCN . Discover and encourage new voices.

How to Suggest Content and Vote to Host These Sessions:

In order to tally interest in these sessions please go to the Virtual Clubhouse Idea on Idea Place .

  1. Vote to promote (or demote) the idea of having these sessions
  2. Provide (in the comments to the idea) further topics or comments on those suggestions that appeal to you
  3. Add suggestions for speakers for guided sessions (ex. Derek Klobucher leads session around building better blogs, Tammy Powlas shares her moderation tips, The specified item was not found. describes 10 sure ways to get your content rejected
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  • Hello Marilyn,

    I picture it as a live video chat with one (or more) person(s) of the SCN team in front of the camera speaking about a specific topic and the community can send in questions and suggestions through various channels (comments in a blog for that session, Twitter, whatnot). Is that how it's meant to be or what do you have in mind? 🙂

    This idea sounds really great. My first thought when I read this was, that it is just amazing how you keep on coming up with interaction stuff for the community!

    • Thank you Steffi.  I'll credit Jeanne Carboni for the idea! She suggested I do this as an informal way of communicating and engaging.  I like the concept of having a specific topic as a "theme" and since this is spread over 4 hour blocks we would (wo)man the live video chat so that we could cover comfortable hours for different physical locations.

      Of course if a speaker like Derek Klobucher were to give a small talk and then engage it would need to be at a defined time.

      The other option is to have some pre-recorded sessions that would then serve as talking points.  A simple example: I could record a short presentation about how to "ensure" that your content is rejected in 10 easy steps and then open the live chat for people to discuss, debate, respond and even go on camera if they felt so inclined.

      The chat would be open for a 4 hour slot.

      Another format would be a live presentation (like a webinar) with live chat, feedback, questions comments.

      I'd like to first define themes, topics, subjects, interests and then go about seeing what format works best for people.

      Does that make sense?

      • Absolutly!

        And I wouldn't set my mind on just one format, if I were you. Your examples show, that the format should fit the type of presentation. So I would change it, if another could work better for a specific topic. 🙂

        Yay for Jeanne!