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SAP MAX-DB Backup using command line tool

We can use command line tool DBMCLI to take backup of MAX-DB database. If you are facing problems while taking backup from MAX-DB GUI tools you can opt this option.


1. Open DBMCLI from commandprompt

dbmcli -d <SID> -u superdba,<password>

2. Stop Database (For Offline backup)




3. Create Backup template for data and logs.

For data

medium_put <templatename1> drive:\<location>\<filename> FILE DATA

For Log

medium_put <templatename2> drive:\<location>\<filename> FILE LOG

4.   Connect Database


5.  Take Complete data backup

backup_start <templatename1>

6.  Take log backup

backup_start <templatename2>

7.  Check backup status after completion



medium_label <templatename>

8. Start database


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  • Hi,
    please *do not use* 'db_stop'. This hard-stops the database to offline state without waiting for open transactions to close.
    To bring the database to 'offline' state, use 'db_offline', for 'admin' state 'db_admin'.

    Starting the database is usually performed with 'db_online' command.

  • hello  

    I have facing a error in SAP MAX DB,My site is Disaster recovery.and MAX DB is standby mode.   ERROR MSG-- -24994 runtime environment error[db_admin-f];1, dbm has stopped unexpectedly ,(view 'Application Event log') (OS error code 11000)