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SAP ABAP Development Tools and BW modeling tools installation – Error and Fix

We just completed BW on HANA migration at customer site and to work with eclipse based BW Modeling tools I tried to install HANA studio followed by deployment of ABAP Development Tools and BW modeling tools on the top of HANA studio.  I encountered an error installing these tools and found a fix.  Putting together all the steps which can be referred quickly to install and start HANA  modeling.

Landscape: BW7.4 SP07 , SAP HANA1.0 SP08, SAP HANA Studio Version: 1.80.3       

Prerequisite:  SAP HANA studio is installed and below zip files are downloaded from SAP market place;

  1. ABAP Development Tools : SAPBASISAIE00_2-20012119.ZIP
  2. BW Modeling Tools :          SAPBWMTE00_0-20012117.ZIP
  1. Open SAP HANA Studio and go to menu Help->Install New Software…


2. Click Add..


3. First we will install ABAP Development Tools. Click Archive button and browse the path of ABAP Development tools zip file and hit OK button.


4. Now check the checkbox against ABAP Core Development Tools and hit Next> button.


5. The installation might fails with this error;

Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.

Software being installed: ABAP Core Development Tools 2.28.2 ( 2.28.2)

Missing requirement: ABAP Communication Framework 2.28.2 ( 2.28.2) requires ‘ [3.8.0,4.0.0)’ but it could not be found

Cannot satisfy dependency:

From: ABAP Core Development Tools 2.28.2 ( 2.28.2)

To: [2.28.2]”


6. To fix this error we have to import 4.2 Juno PTF file into HANA studio which is a pre-requisite.  Juno file can be downloaded via below link;

Import Juno file.

Within HANA studion got menu File->Import..


7. Select below options;


8. Browse for Juno PTF file and hit Next>.  The required checkboxes will automatically be checked.


9. Review the items to be installed and Hit Next>


10. Accept and choose Finish.


11.After installing the software, system will prompt to restart HANA Studio.  Choose Yes.


12. Now repeat steps 1 to 4 to install ABAP Development tools.  This time the installation will be successful and system will again prompt to restart HANA studio, please do so.

13. We can see the ABAP Development tools within HANA studio;


14. Now we will install BW Modeling tools. Within HANA studio go to menu options;

Help->Install New  software..


15. Hit Add.. button and then click Archive button to browse for BW Modeling tools zip file, you already downloaded on your local machine.


16. Select both check boxes under BW Modeling Tools and click Next>;


17. In the next screen you can review the items to be installed and hit Next> button;


18. In the next screen Accept and Finish.


19. System will prompt to restart HANA studio. Choose Yes.


20.To verify the successful installation, go to menu Windows->open Perspective->Others…



Happy HANA Modeling..



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