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Modeling of Services with SAP Solution Manager ITSM – Example – Part 2: Categories

Within SAP Solution Manager ITSM services are

  • Modelled as product of product type Service
  • Structured in categories and hierarchies
  • Defined by groups of attributes (set types)
  • May be related to other service(s)

This document describes an example how services could be modelled with SAP Solution Manager ITSM.

This document is structured in five sub-documents. For navigation use the assigned links:

Part 1: Prerequisites

    Part 2: Categories                      <<< You are here

Part 3: Service Products

Part 4: Authorizations

Part 5: Further Information

The example has been setup in a 7.1 SAP Solution Manager system with SP11.


Categories and hierarchies are used for structuring purposes, and allow you to group together products according to different criteria.

In this example the modelling of services for the following categories is shown:

  • Services and sub-services which also might be ordered via the service catalog functionality embedded in business role SOLMANREQU within the SAP Solution Manager ITSM
  • Business Services – IT service provided to the business
  • Technical Services – IT services that are needed to provide business services

In hierarchy SRVC_HIER

Use transaction COMM_HIERARCHY to adapt the standard hierarchy SRVC_HIER.

Underneath category SRVC_ROOT create category SRVC_IT_PROD with short text IT Service Product:

On tab Category assign product type 02 Service and deselect the flag Product/Object Assignment Possible:


On tab Set Types assign set types COMM_PR_LGTEXT, COMM_PR_SHTEXT and COMM_PR_UNIT:


On tab Relnship Types assign relationship types PRDBP S, SERVI D  and SERVI S:SRVC_HIER4.png

Underneath category SRVC_IT_PROD create category SRVC_IT_PROD_BS with short text Business Services and another category SRVC_IT_PROD_TS with short text Technical Services:


For both of them on tab Category the flag Product/Object Assignment Possible should be set:


For both of them the set types should have been inherited from the above category (see tab Set Types):

For both of them the relationship types should have been inherited from the above category SRVC_IT_PROD (see tab Relnship Types):

In hierarchy ALM

Use transaction COMM_HIERARCHY to adapt the standard hierarchy ALM.

Underneath category ALM_CAT create category ALM_CAT_SERV with short text IT Services, ALM_CAT_HW with short text Hardware and ALM_CAT_SW with short text Software:


Leave all settings as they get set per default / inherited form the above category ALM _CAT:




    The ALM hierarchy then looks like this:


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