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Celebrating Ten Years of DemoJam

SAPFreeway_winner1.jpgTen glorious years have passed since the ultimate geek competition came into the limelight, which means ten years of live demos, loud applauses, large audiences, and of course WINNERS.

I was discussing with my fellow colleagues, Helena and Craig, about blog topics for the upcoming DemoJam when I suggested that we should write a recap of all the winners we have had in the past. Craig basically laughed it off and said, “If you can find all the winners since 2004, I will buy you dinner.” I thought to myself, how hard could it really be to find information on past DemoJam winners, like come on, we live in the age of the Internet where almost everything can be found easily by the click of a button, right?

Wrong!! Yes, it’s not impossible to find the winners but I’m speaking from experience that it definitely was a struggle.  Over the past couple days, I must have read hundreds of blogs (not exaggerating) and watched several videos all regarding DemoJam. I have seriously become an expert. But I can proudly say that Craig will have to buy me dinner because I have tracked down all the winners’ names since 2004!

There is a reason why DemoJam is referred to as the American Idol for Geeks, because it’s a huge deal! Contestants on American Idol gain recognition from people all over the country similarly, DemoJam participants get a chance to showcase their skills and talent to the whole SAP ecosystems; it’s a technology-driven dream come true! DemoJam participants are given six minutes to present their demos and in those six minutes they get recognition among peers and have the satisfaction of earning cheers from the audience who are actually voting for their demo as the best in the competition.

All the winners from the past were not chosen by a panel of judges but by the audience, and here is a quick recap of all the winners from the past:


  • SAP TechEd San Diego: Guido Schroeder: High Performance Analytics


  • SAP TechEd Boston: Boris Gebhardt and Markus Frick: Cutting Edge ABAP
  • SAP TechEd Vienna: Boris Gebhardt and Markus Frick: Cutting Edge ABAP


  • SAP TechEd Las Vegas: Ed Hermann and Dan McWeeney: SAPlink Changing the SAP Ecosystem
  • SAP TechEd Amsterdam: Ed Hermann and Dan McWeeney: SAPlink Changing the SAP Ecosystem
  • SAP TechEd Bangalore: Gaurav Walia


  • SAP TechEd Las Vegas: Brian Yarnell and Thomas Ellenberg: Supporting Data-Driven Presentation Needs of Sales Force with XP3 and SAP Net Weaver  watch demo
  • SAP TechEd Munich: Regina Sheynblat : Enterprise Widgets
  • SAP TechEd Bangalore: Santhosh Naidu and Sujeet Rathod: Mobilizing


  • SAP TechEd Berlin: Pakdi Decnud and Louenas Hamdi: The Ajax Composition Platform
  • SAP TechEd Las Vegas: Micheal Portner: Spell Checker
  • SAP TechEd Bangalore: Jasvir Gill and Badri Gururajan: AlertAction


  • SAP TechEd Vienna: Alexis Naibo: SAP BusinessObjects Explorer on iPhone
  • SAP TechEd Phoenix: Sebastian Steinhauer and Tobias Queck: “No Hands”
  • SAP TechEd Bangalore: Savio Sebastian: “Sirius-Social Analytics”


  • SAP TechEd Berlin: Tobias Queck and Florian Schutlz: Smartpen & Paper Collaboration Livescribe
  • Watch Highlights
  • SAP TechEd Las Vegas: Matt Harding and Al Templeton: Super-Generic Mobile App watch demo
  • SAP TechEd Bangalore: Rupam Bhattacharya and Jai Santhosh: SAP Augmented Reality on Mobile (Android Platform


  • SAP TechEd Bangalore: Tom Nelson and Marek Kowalkiewicz: GlobeMasters watch demo
  • SAP TechEd Las Vegas: Marek Kowalkiewicz: InnoBoard watch demo
  • SAP TechEd Madrid: John Astill: Save the Planet watch demo


  • SAP TechEd Bangalore: Trincy Hazarika, Raju Borda, Narin Nandivada, Tanushree Das: SAP Freeway watch demo
  • SAP TechEd Madrid: Will Powell and Nic Doodson: CEO Vision watch demo
  • SAP TechEd Las Vegas: Will Powell and Nic Doodson: Store Trek watch demo


  • SAP TechEd Bangalore: Krishna Kumar and Prashant Nirmale: SAP HANA Based M-Tolling watch demo
  • SAP TechEd Amsterdam: Matthew Riches and Andreas Profitlich: CloudSitter watch demo
  • SAP TechEd Las Vegas: Will Powell and Nic Doodson: Keytree HANADeck watch demo

DemoJam is accepting demo submissions till September 10th, 2014! Who knows? Next year your name can get added to this list of winners as well!

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