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SAP Asset Data Management rapid-deployment solution

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions helps business better manage big data, ensure accurate analytics, and improve governance, with timely, consistent, and trustworthy information at every level of the enterprise. With Information Steward, and EIM technology solution, business can understand and analyze the trustworthiness of the enterprise information, get continuous insight into the quality of the vast amount of data, and facilitate informed decision making and streamline business processes. It can also help model the information architecture to visualize business needs, and ensure correct and consistent data.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is a industry domain focused software helping business manage physical assets, increase operational efficiencies, and better manage capital expenditures throughout the asset lifecycle. Asset is an important piece of enterprise data.

How to make Information Steward work with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) to manage the asset data? How to make the EIM core technology works with the industry solution? You may already know that Information Steward can manage the Customer, Material, and Supplier data domains. The SAP Information Steward rapid-deployment solution provides predefined contents for that. What about the Asset data domain? You can use the SAP Asset Data Management rapid-deployment solution!

The SAP Asset Data Management rapid-deployment solution gives customers the ability to assess, validate and continuously monitor the quality of their asset master data, with information visualization and governance capability. With SAP’s industry-leading data management tool Information Steward, and predefined content, this solution lays a solid foundation for a comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution.

Now The SAP Asset Data Management rapid-deployment solution can work with Information Steward 4.2 version. The note 1733333 for the RDS has been updated for IS 4.2 support, and three updated documents are attached to this note.

Access SAP Asset Date Management rapid-deployment solution from Service Market Place. Download from the Download Center, following the path as below:

–>software downloads

–>sap software download center

–>Installations and Upgrades

–>Browse our Download Catalog

–>SAP Rapid Deployment solutions

–>SAP Asset Data Quality rapid deployment solution


      –># OS independent



     –># OS independent


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  • I am trying to find the ATL for DS in the package SAP RDS CONTENT V3 but I do not see it available.  This is the same problem for Rapid Mart Data Migration for SAP ERP/CRM and I have followed note 1791183 where I can see the other packages for SAP RDS BIP Content and SAP RDS Migration Services.  Could you please advise on why I may have this problem


    • Eduard,

      I was able to find my file and your file from SAP Software Download Center >  Search for Downloads.  When entering SAP RDS IS CONTENT V2 I can see your required file.