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ALV Report on Equipment vs Class vs Characteristics vs Values

Perhaps for the reason of being associated with many SAP objects, the report making on classification process, is not easier using the related tables.  Because of this, sometime back the author took help of a Logical Database (EQI) and Infoset Query to develop a report on Equipment vs Class. Here LDB helped to resolve the complications of retrieving the Class for Equipment or Functional Location. OK ! That job was done so and we got a useful report. Time passed on and we put the values into the characteristics of several thousands of Technical objects as under .



Then I started feeling a requirement for a report which upon giving Equipment number as input, would bring me the Class name, Characteristics assigned to this class and then the respective values of these characteristics. Again I sat for developing an infoset query.  This time I could understand that it is not going to be easy. I need to use 3 Function Modules and write the coding. Enough time spent, but Infoset queries at such complicated times push be to full pledged ABAP report program. So I started, researched for FMs to retrieve the Classification and Characteristic details and ultimately could succeed in getting the output I desired.

The objective of this blog is to share this result with the forum, so that needy members would be benefitting. Also if I chose to explain how I coded it will be a long one and full of technical things and quite likely to be boring. So what I thought to do is explain briefly and give the code, so that you will be able to assign your own Tcode for it and use.

Report is mainly based on these two FMs

Function Modules Gives you in a table
ALM_ME_CLASS_CHAR_GETDETAIL Retrieves the details of all Characteristics of the inputted Equipment
BAPI_OBJCL_GETCLASSES Retrieves the details of Values of above characteristics.

There was lot of further treatment in the code to get the desired output. So we now see the Selection screen.

The Selection Screen


Here you can see that apart from Equipment number I’d opted for Class and Planner Group in the Selection screen, so that the output would bring the Class/characteristics values of multiple equipments belong to this criterion.


The Output


Because there is no such standard report available, it was a sense of accomplishment the moment I arrive at the above output. Hope members too find it useful.

Last but not the least, the code is here: Code for report on Equipment vs Class vs Characteristic vs Values .

Based on this code as Driver program, a smartform has been developed later: Screen-shot of Smartform

Good luck


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    • Yes Sunil,

      I believe, this is a very useful report for all who use Classes and Characteristics for their Equipments. Taking benefit of this post is so simple that ask your ABAPer to provie a Tcode for the code attached and the report is there to work for you.


        • The list of tables related to Class characteristics

          - KLAH Class Header Data

          - KLAT Classes: Long texts

          - KSML Characteristics of a Class

          - KSSK Allocation Table: Object to Class

          - CABN Characteristic

          - CABNT Characteristic Descriptions

          - CABNZ Links between Table Fields and Characteristics

          - CAWN Characteristic values

          But none of the above used in the report attached, It was a simplified process of retrieving these values using two FMs cited in the post.


  • Hello

    a similar functionality is existing in standard.

    If you have a look in transaction IE05 under settings -> show / hide classification you can display the characteristics of an piece of equipment.

    As well for Functional locations and within other list you find thsi possibility

    StephanCharacteristic in IE05.jpg

    Characteristic in IE05.jpg
  • Sir,

    Could u pls guide me if i want to transpose the same report. t.e first two column remains as it is & next columns will be like... Characteristic 1, Characteristic 2, Characteristic 3..& specification & values of each characteristic will comes under that column...

    In short report should like this,

                         Equipment, Description, Characteristic 1, Characteristic 2, Characteristic 3

    specifiaction      01               abc              pump                  speakar             wire

       value             01               abc               1234                    9876               3465      



    • Sumedh,

      That's what was discussed above. Go to IE05 output. Goto SETTINGS > SHOW/HIDE CLASSIFICATION, then you'll get the required layout in standard itself. So one is this standard layout and the other is the layout of my post. Anything other than this

      might require to go for ABAP program.



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