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Recognizing the Developer Journey – Update

As of December 17, 2015, the requirements for the Developer Journey mission have been updated to address an issue with the Meetup requirement. Details here: Update to the Developer Journey Mission

It’s with both excitement and pleasure that we announce the addition of new missions for the entire community! In our ongoing efforts to show recognition and help people recognize when they are on their path as well as the amazing things they do along the way these new missions are just the start!


Participate in events such as the SAP CodeJam, SAP d-code InnoJam or others and earn pieces of this brand new mission! Complete them all and be recognized for having completed your developer journey!


And for those who take that next step in the journey and venture into the “maker” world this brand new mission will show that recognition! Participate in a maker event such as the SAP InnoJam (be it a UA, community or an official SAP one) or submit a proposal to the SAP d-code DemoJam event!

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  • Aren’t the points a bit disproportional when you compared to any other mission?

    And unlike these missions, most of the other ones contribute to SCN content, while these only benefit the people who participate in the events.

  • Hi Craig,

    Am I understanding these requirements correctly? If you participate in an InnoJam you get both badges + 350 points? I understand dcode Innojam participation is one of the requirements for the first badge, still I don’t think it makes much sense.



    • Hey folks I can’t really comment on the points those were decided by the SCN team based on other events and difficulty of achieving the items.

      For the InnoJam attending one and participating in one are actually two very different items. For the “maker” level you actually have to be in a team and build something (showing up alone does not help)

      • Hi Craig, thanks for clarifying the difference between the “Journey” and “Maker” missions!

        Hi everyone,

        I’m part of the team responsible for designing missions on SCN, and also determining points for each mission.  The Developer Journey mission involves developers taking multiple steps to become more involved and exposed to different SAP events. The journey begins with a few clicks on SCN, then to attending free and informal meetups, to more formalized and paid events. For this dedication, we want to recognize these individuals appropriately with a unique badge and enough points to justify completing a mission that may take weeks or months to complete. As Custodio de Oliveira mentioned, many of these participants will likely bring their observations, experience and insights back to SCN in the form of quality content.

        I would consider SAP Maker the ‘capstone’ mission for SAP developers. This mission is to recognize members willing to roll up their sleeves, to take action, and to show up for SAP InnoJam or SAP DemoJam.  We know that its not possible for everyone to attend these in-person events. The 200-points is high to recognize the few who are able to contribute directly to sharing their knowledge and strengthen relationships with community members.

        Of course, the most coveted prize is winning InnoJam or DemoJam – by the way, the winners of those events receive an additional 250-points. For that prize, winners will have to endure selfie-requests where ever they go, interviews, and be asked back to coach next year’s InnoJam and DemoJam participants. 😉

        I always appreciate your feedback, and the opportunity to share some behind-the-scenes process around our missions.


  • Hi,

    how do we actually earn these points? The “this document” link is not active. Secondly, are we required to sign up for d-code to gain the badge, or just click the link (whenever it becomes active)?



    PS: I do plan to sign up for d-code… 🙂

    • Unfortunately considering the large number this year it’s not possible for us to go back and ask everyone again for the SCN id. Those who took the time and filled out the information when registering will of course be recognized.

  • Hello,

    I have participated in the recent SAP Code Jams in Darmstadt and Stuttgart in september. In Darmstadt I gave my S-user when registering and in Stuttgart I gave S-user and SCN-ID but I did not get any points.
    Best regards,

    Thomas Wagner