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Experiences with SP12 Upgrade

In the last three weeks, I ran several upgrades to SP12 on SAP internal Solution Manager 7.1 Systems with different source release. Here, I would like to share my experiences.

All the systems I was handling are Solution Manager 7.1. with NW 7.02. SP release was SP10 or SP11.

Prerequisites for the upgrade to SP12

  • SPAM has to be updated to version 53
  • ST-ICC Package needs to installed / updated to Version 200

Problems during upgrade

1. I got twice a deadlock situation in the main import for package SAPKB70215

         Main import

Transport request   : SAPKB70215

System             : E2E

tp path              : tp

Version and release: 380.08.41 720

SQL error -60 accessing reportsource/TOUCH_REPORTS: POS(1) Work rolled back,DEADLOCK DETECTED

2018022 2018022

autorepeat is set to automatic, therefore this import is tried again

all 2 error messages up to here can be ignored

sap_dext called with msgnr 1:

  db call info

function:   db_repo

fcode:      TOUCH_REPORTS

tabname:    SOURCE

len (char): 32

key:        <3 blank separated report names>

retcode:    1

sql error:  -60 POS(1) Work rolled back,DEADLOCK DETECTED

SQL error -60 accessing  : POS(1) Work rolled back,DEADLOCK DETECTED

Main import

End date and time : 20140723161203

Ended with return code:  ===> 12 <===


is included by 94942 master programs, therefore the buffer synchronisation may take some time.

is included by 1941 master programs, therefore the buffer synchronisation may take some time.

[    dev trc,00000]  table logging switched on for all clients                              2131  52.247673

CL_WDR_EMBEDDED_CLIENT_SMART==CP        (L) synchronized.

CL_SRT_TEST_MSG_ID_WSA_CLIENT=CP        (L) synchronized.

SQL error -60 accessing reportsource/TOUCH_REPORTS: POS(1) Work rolled back,DEADLOCK DETECTED


The problem could only be solved by stopping R/3 (not the database) and running imp all from command line…

tp R3I ALL E2E pf=/usr/sap/trans/bin/TP_DOMAIN_E2E.PFL -Dclientcascade=yes -Dstoponerror=8 -Drepeatonerror=8 -Dsourcesystems=

2. Shortdump at the end of import


Function parameter “EV_NO_EDIT” is unknown.

=> just restart SPAM

3. Additional Notes after Upgrade

In the follow-up steps including solman_setup the notes 2025884, 2020219 and 2042820 should be imported

Issues after the upgrade

Here I would like to describe some issues which were occurred after the upgrade

1. Missing UISAPUI5 and UI_INFRA Packages

In the Support Package Stack for SP12 are only the Packages for UISAPUI5 and UI_INFRA until Version 7. We found out that without the newer package versions 8 or 9 issues with the Technical Monitoring WoC and with sm_crm are occurring. After implementing relases 8 and 9 of these packages, the issues were solved.

2. ST-A/PI 01R was missing. Meanwhile, ST-A/PI release 01R is in the Download Stack for SP12 and can be implemented via TA SAINT.

3. After the upgrade a lot of shortdumps were arising: OBJECTS_OBJREF_NOT_ASSIGNED_NO -> CL_ICMON_IFCHANNEL============CP

-> could be solved after updating the content in solman_setup -> Technical Monitoring

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  • Hi Thomas,

    thanks for sharing your experiences. Do you had any problems with DAA agent communication with the trusted P4S port settings?



    • Hello Mike,

      I doublechecked the Managed System Setup again regarding the connection of DAA, but there was no problem in any of the systems... did you have problems?



      • Hello Thomas,

        I just read the recommendations for SP12:

        2020219 - Solution Manager 7.1 SP Stack 12: recommended corrections

        The part about DAA agents communication port should be set to P4/SSL or HTTPS/P4 via SSL if you use the agent authentication via certificates. I currently on SPS10 and want to check the parameter for the TrustedP4Port but no such parameter. Maybe this is new with SP15 of SAP J2EE ENGINE.

        Do you see such parameter via NWA?




        Before proceeding with the implementation for these patches, you shall verify which authentication policy is selected for the Diagnostics Agent connections.

        You can see the current mode in SOLMAN_SETUP transaction, Scenario “System Preparation”, in Step “Configure Connectivity” / “Set Authentication Policy for Agents”.

        In case the Agent authentication is done via certificate, you must:

        a) Make sure that the Diagnostics Agents are connected to Solution Manager using SSL. See SAP note: 1898685

        b) Make sure to maintain the NW property: TrustedP4SPort, like mentioned in this documentation:

        This property is typically set, using the "SAP NetWeaver Administrator" page of the Solution Manager Java stack. Navigate to "Configuration" -> "System Properties". Expand each instance entry (named like "Instance IDXXXXXXXXXX"). Then, one by one, select "ServerX IDXXXXXXXXXX" and in the details section "Services" -> "Security" -> "TrustedP4SPort", in order to provide the value of the P4S port.


        Alternatively, in case you would decide, due to security reasons, to NOT maintain this mentioned NW property: TrustedP4Sport,

        you need to switch to the option “Use Basic authentication” (in step “Set Authentication Policy for Agents”).

        • Hi Mike,

          In case you do not see this TrustedP4SPort property in the NWA UI, it is most likely because any NW 7.02 SP15 patch has been applied so far. In other words, as long as you do not see this property in the NWA you do not need to set it.

          FYI, NW introduced this additional security setting with a certain Patch level and not directly with the initial Support Package.

          Hope this helps.

          Best regards,


  • Hi Thomas,

    I have a Solution Manager system 7.1 SP7...which is not working properly...

    I am planning to build a new system and install 7.1 SP12....make it a production, point all the satellite systems to new server  and keep the other system as Development.

    Also migrate the data like TBOM's, stored documents etc to the new Production system....

    Is this doable and is there any documentation available to perform similar task.



  • I went through an upgrade on a Dev SolMan system (Basis only for testing technical issues).  Whole process went smooth just a couple of technical issues that were easily solved.

    My issues came on solman_setup, I've made a habit of using solman_admin to configure the system.  This system was installed with SP04, upgraded directly to SP08, then to SP10.  If I use solman_admin or my own ID I am unable to receive green statuses for Web Dispatcher (none present, so it should pass) and DAA basic or cert.

    Now sapsupport on the other hand runs through that part of setup and the status have no issue returning to a green status.

    I opened an incident (802234 / 2014) at the start of August and so far it was traced to ICM performing a redirect to a non SAP system, but only for 2 IDs so far.  It would be great if anyone could chime in and tell me how a SP10 system that was functional creates ICM redirect rules for IDs in the system, that would be great so I could get Prod upgraded before the end of year!  😕

  • Hi Thomas,

    during the managed system configuration of SAP solution manager itself I got two issues:

    1. In the step 4 "Assign Diagnostics Agent" i try to check the all host agents, but without success. I got a message that the check could not be performed. In the details I got the following message:

      SOAP:1.001 CX_INVALID_TRANSFORMATION:XSLT exception.The transformation /1SAI/SAS82D00F6EE73230DB00BF could not be loaded.The transformation /1SAI/SAS82D00F6EE73230DB00BF could not be executed

      The system preparation and basic configuration steps are all green.

    2. In the step 7 "Maintain Users" the status for the users SAPSUPPORT (JAVA) and SM_COLL_<SOLMANSID> (JAVA) cannot be checked. I got following message:

      "No concatenated concept exists" - details => SOAP:1.001 CX_INVALID_TRANSFORMATION:XSLT exception.The transformation /1SAI/SAS82D00F6EE73230DB00BF could not be loaded.The transformation /1SAI/SAS82D00F6EE73230DB00BF could not be executed

    Do you know how I can fix this SOAP issue?

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,


    • Hi Mike,

      Please make sure, as always, to implement that latest version of the Central Correction Note (1969109  ) and any related SAP notes.

      Espcially pay attention to SAP note 2058556  , provided by NetWeaver, which fixes a regression introduced with the NW ABAP stack 7.02 SP15.

      Best regards,


  • Also, I'd like to point out for future reference that this error message in Solman_setup: System Preparation:

    "Number of elements in the collection of node COMPONENTCONTROLLER.1.NAMESPACES violates the cardinality" is resolved by note 2025884 - Blocking Error Message in "System Preparation" Scenario - Step "Maintain Users".  It's in the upgrade instructions in several locations, but I didn't see it in your notes.  Thanks for this helpful post. 

  • Hi Thomas

    Just wondering what kind of issues you noticed with Tech Mon and SM_CRM without those UI updates?

    I haven't noticed anything specific there and we're running UISAPUI5 100 0007 and UISAPUI5 100 0007 on SP12.

    Best regards


  • Hi Mike, I found an article where you hab an issue

    How did you resolve the SUM tool and the path issue to the kernel?