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Telangana Professional Tax S Note – 2033725

Hi All,

Erstwhile Andhra Pradesh has now become two states – Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.Telangana was formed on 2nd June, 2014 under the states Reorganisation scheme.It is the 29th state of India. Currently there is no state code and professional tax rules for region Telangana.

SAP India localization delivers sap note – 2033725 – Telangana Professional Tax

Go to transaction SM30 and make the following entries in the table

Entry in table V_T7INRG

Create a new region Code in table V_T7INRG with following entry


Entry in table V_T7INP1

Create a new P-tax Grouping and assign the same with Region 36.


Note: 26 Ptax grouping is shown as sample entry. Please create P-tax Group as per your requirement

and assign the same with Region 36.

Entry in table V_7IN0P_PTX

Map the combination of personnel area and sub area with the P-tax Grouping created in the previous

step, as per your requirement.

Entry in table V_T7INP4

Create new slab code TG01 with following values.


Entry in table V_T7INP3

Map the region code with slab code maintaining following values



Entry in table T596F

Make the following entry in table T596F


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  • Hi Ratan,


    Thank you for the Document.

    But Table V_T7INRG is not there in the system, is this error for me only or this table is not there in the system. we can create new region code in the table V_T005S also.


    Best Regards,

    Praneeth kumar

    • Hi Praneeth,


      Your SAP system belongs to which version. Hence it’s there in the SAP system from ECC 6.0 onwards as per my knowledge. Check in some other system which is higher than ECC 6.0.


      Sure you will get this table with higher version.




    • Hi,


      praneeth you need to update your system we are in to support pack level of : SAPKE600A9 i can able to access table V_T7INRG as per sap note – 2033725 Manual Instructions you have to maintain new region Code in table V_T7INRG. i can able to view table in my system.