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SAP BPM Project Creation with WDj Step by Step Process

Hi All,

the below document will help you to create simple BPM Process

NWDS 7.3 (SP04)

Prerequisites for Project :

NWDS , JDK 1.6

1. Creation of WDJ (Web Dynpro Java) Project :

    Create a simple wdj project with two views and Interface controller

2.Creation of BPM Process :

Step1 : Open Netweaver Development Studio
             Go to File-New-Others-Development Infrastructure-Development Component
             then select Process Composer – next – local Development – my component

             give the Name of your DC – finish

             Switch to Process Development perspective and your project look like this :


Step2 : Expend the Process Modeling and create a Process (Right Click on Process – New Process)

            Give Name to Your Process and check the New Pool Check Box
            Give the Name 2 your Pool and define the Swim Lanes

            Your Process will look like this :




Step 3:  Go to Pool Property and select the Administrator user for Pool

              and Define the Potential Owners for your Swim lanes


Step4 : Create the Process flow as shown below:



Step 5 : Create A Data Object Context and a XSD Element for Your Process and for your Human activity

              Data Object : Go to Palette – Artifacts – Select data Object


                  XSD Element : Expand Process Modeling – Right click on Data Object – New XSD(XML Schema Definition)

                                             and define the type of your XSD


Step6 : Create task for Human Activity and select the controller refrence to your wdj project

              Expand Process Modeling – Right click on Task – New Task – give name to your task



Step7 : Give the UI for your task:

             Double Click on Task – Go to Overview of Task – Expand User Interface – Choose your component (in my case it is WDJ)


            Give the Task Text and you can Create variable according to your requirements

            Double click on Task- go to user text tab – Create Variable if need


Step8 : Create a WSDL File to your process and then create a message trigger for starting the process

             Expand process Modeling – Expand Service Interfacr – Right click on Service Interface – New WSDL – Give Name to your WSDL File

             and click Next – Finish

             Select Input for your Web service by double clicking on web service




                         Message Trigger –  Expand Process Modeling – Expand Event Trigger – Right Clck on Message – Create New Message

Step9 : Select the message trigger in Strat event Property and also for End Event

Step10 :Build and deploy your BPM Project and create the Model in WDJ Project for your process


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