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Customizing Technical Monitoring Templates with a Secure Production Solution Manager 7.1

Normally changes to a production SAP System are done via transports from a development system. Changes are rarely made directly to a production system. Production SAP systems should have all System Change options set to Not Modifiable (SE06) and the client set to No Changes Allowed (SCC4). Solution Manager provides a unique situation where the system must be open or at least temporarily opened on a regular basis to allow for the customization of Technical Monitoring alerts. Due to the inability to properly test threshold and alert changes in a development Solution Manager, a majority of clients customize Technical Monitoring Templates directly in their production Solution Manager.

Due to regular audits and the high importance of keeping the system secure, it is extremely important to only open what is needed and nothing more. With this unique requirement it is vital to know exactly what needs to be made modifiable. Especially in the first 6 months of a Technical Monitoring implementation, when these changes are needed on a weekly or in some cases a daily basis.

To allow for changes in Technical monitoring templates, the following System Change Options must be set to modifiable in transaction SE06. Opening the client is not a requirement in most cases. If you find that you can not save with the client locked down. Set the client to Modifiable and try again. Again, in most cases the client can be Completely locked down in transaction SCC4 (screenshot below).Only the System Change Options must be set to modifiable. 

The required client settings depends on how you are saving the Technical Monitoring templates, Locally or in a SE80 custom created package and transport. I have been able to keep the client locked down when the template is saved in a Z package and in a transport. If you find that you can not save with the client locked down. Set the client to Modifiable and try again.

Transaction SE06 – System Change Option

Global Setting: Modifiable

Software Component – Local Developments : Modifiable

Software Component – Customer Developments : Modifiable

Namespace/Name Range — Customer Name Range : Modifiable

Modifiability Settings.jpg

Transaction SCC4 – Client Secure


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  • Jereme, I was looking for a solution like this!  However, I tried this, unfortunately this still gets the transport error and won’t save the setting. 

    What else in the system would block this from working?


  • Hi Bernie,

    Where are you saving the Templates? I usually create a Package in transaction SE80 and then save it to a transport. This is the scenario that these instructions will work for. If you select save locally then I would have to do some investigation to figure out what else needs to be set to modifiable.

    I have also updated the instructions in the blog. I get mixed results when the client is not opened. In our Lab environment leaving the client locked down works. But on a number of client sites I have had to open the productive client as well.

    Please let me know how it goes.