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Hello community,


in my last blog posts here, here and here I showed different scenarios of COM development integration – all with ABAP in Eclipse. To increase the integration I developed a library which delivers the complete interfaces of all methods and properties of a COM library. The library calls TypeLibInf.dll.


TypeLibInf library offers three ways of information to the interface information of a COM library:

  1. Via StdCall interface
    Function DLL_TypeLibInf (TypeLibName As String Ptr) Export As Long
    TypeLibName = Path and name of the type library
    Delivers the address to a string with the interface information
  2. Via Java interface
    Delivers a string with the interface information
  3. Via COM interface
    Delivers a string with the interface information


You can use it via Java e.g. like this:

// Begin----------------------------------------------------------------

  public class TypeLib

    public native String Inf(String s);


    public static void main(String[] args)
      TypeLib TL = new TypeLib();
        String Interface = TL.Inf("C:\\Windows\\System32\\wshom.ocx");
      catch (Exception e)


// End------------------------------------------------------------------


Also you can use it via COM e.g. like this:


  Set TypeLibInf = CreateObject("COM_TYPELIBINF")
  If IsObject(TypeLibInf) Then
    Interface = TypeLibInf.COM_TYPELIBINF("C:\Dummy\COMBeep.dll")
    MsgBox Interface
    Set TypeLibInf = Nothing
  End If



Also I developed as example a tiny program which uses the StdCall interface of the library. It shows all methods and properties of a COM/ActiveX library in a tree, below their interfaces. With a double click on the method or property the program generates an associated ABAP code. Also you can see the interface definition with all arguments and their types.




I hope in this way it is much more easier to developing ABAP programs with COM/ActiveX connection.

I integrate the Java interface for a future development, to integrate the same functionality as view for ABAP in Eclipse.


Here a snippet to use TypeLibInf in ABAP:

  Program zTypeLib.

    Type-Pools OLE2.

    Data TypeLibInf Type OLE2_OBJECT.
    Data Interface Type String Value ''.
    Data TabInterface Type Table Of String.
    Data strTemp Type String Value ''.

    Create Object TypeLibInf 'COM_TYPELIBINF'.
    If sy-subrc = 0 And TypeLibInf-HANDLE <> 0 And
      TypeLibInf-TYPE = 'OLE2'.

      Call Method Of TypeLibInf 'COM_TYPELIBINF' = Interface
          #1 = 'C:\Windows\System32\wshom.ocx'.                  "32-bit
         "#1 = 'C:\Windows\SysWOW64\wshom.ocx'.                  "64-bit

      Split Interface At ';' Into Table TabInterface.
      Loop At TabInterface Into strTemp.
        Write: / strTemp.

      Free Object TypeLibInf.



Here a snippet to use TypeLibInf in Python:


from ctypes import *

TypeLibDLL = "C:\\Projects\\TypeLibInf\\TypeLibInf.dll"
TypeLib = windll.LoadLibrary(TypeLibDLL)

TypeLib.DLL_TypeLibInf.argtypes = [c_char_p]
TypeLib.DLL_TypeLibInf.restype = c_char_p

Lib = create_string_buffer(b"C:\\Windows\\System32\\wshom.ocx")   #32bit
#Lib = create_string_buffer(b"C:\\Windows\\SysWOW64\\wshom.ocx")  #64bit
Interface = TypeLib.DLL_TypeLibInf(Lib)

Interface = str(Interface)
lstInterface = Interface.split(";")
for i in range(len(lstInterface)):

del TypeLib



Here a snippet to use TypeLibInf with PowerShell:


  #-Sub Main------------------------------------------------------------
  Function Main() {

    $TypeLib = New-Object -ComObject "COM_TYPELIBINF";
    If ($TypeLib -isnot [__ComObject]) {

    $Files = Get-ChildItem -Path "C:\Dummy\" -Include @("*.dll","*.ocx") -Recurse;
    ForEach ($File In $Files) {
      $Interface = $TypeLib.COM_TYPELIBINF($File.Fullname);
      $Interface = $Interface.Replace(";", "`r`n");
      $NewName = $File.Fullname + ".int";
      $Interface | Out-File $NewName;





You can download the library and the program with the examples here.


2014/08/28 – Tiny update of the program, small bug fixing in ABAP code generation (Thanks to Holger) and the most variable types are now identified in ABAP code generation.

2014/08/25 – Tiny update of the program, now instantiation of OLE object in ABAP code generation with subrc request.

2014/09/08 – Tiny update of the program, small bug fixing in ABAP code generation and some advances to the program itself.


Enjoy it.




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