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BPC 10.1 Web Administration links are not working

Hello Followers,

Since the release of BPC 10.1, we have seen several incidents where the Web Administration links are not working.
The main root cause is the installed BPC version is inconsistent with the installed SAP UI5 version.

Below are some steps that can help check the system if you are facing such behavior:

  • Ensure BPC and SAP UI5 are on compatible versions. Below you can find a table that compares BPC and SAP UI5 versions.


SP00 SP05 SP06 1.16.3
SP01 SP06 SP07 1.18.1
SP02 SP07 SP08 1.20.5
SP03 SP08 SP09 1.22.3*
SP04 SP09 SP10 1.24.1
SP05 SP10 SP11 1.26.1

You can find up-to-date information on SAP Note 2103585.

  • Delete redundant EPM folder. On SAP Note 2053377 you can find detailed steps on how to do so.

    *SAP UI5 team released a new correction for version 1.22 and the correct version now is 1.22.5 (See
    Note 2078274)

    *If you mistakenly install SAP_UI SP12 then you will need to upgrade to BPC10.1 SP05 Patch 3 (NOTE: that SP05 Patch 1 and SP05 Patch 2 are prerequisites.

Kind Regards,

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    • Hi York,

      The most important packages to align in this case is BPC and UI5. I believe what you wrote is the UI5 and SAPBasis. You should look at the SAP UI and CPMBPC components.

      I have added the table with the relations directly on my post to facilitate the review.

      Best Regards,


    •   Hi York,


      I had the same problem and it solve in note 2021433,

      Sap change the BPC link


      "For BPC NW 10.1, in order to consolidate both classic and unified version, SICF has
      been changed to /default_host/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/bpcwebclient which is
      referring to external link /sap/epm/bpc/web, "epm" is put in middle
      of the url to distinguish the url of BPC 10.0. Besides, after upgrading to
      10.1, the 10.0 url is no longer accessible.


      Please use the new URL http(s)://<hostname>:<port>/sap/epm/bpc/web to
      access BPC web interface."

      Sharon Zinger

  • I have the same issue with the same SPs levels (as york liu above). I did all steps in SAP note 2053377 and did not solve. Now, the error SCRIPT5020 disapear and I get other: SCRIPT28: Out of stack space.

    SAP note 2053059 say that this issue came with SAP_UI SP09.

    I try with other browsers and is the same.

    Best regards,


    • Hi Filipe,

      If you are in the same SP Level as York, your system is not in the correct component level as well. All the components shoould match the table I posted.

      Best Regards,


        • Filipe,

          BPC 10.1 SP03 is scheduled to to the 15th of September, or maybe you can do a roll back on your system prior to the date you have installed SAP_UI SP09.

          Best Regards,


  • Hello Carolina,

    This does not look quite like the same simptom. The problem I posted about is on the Web interface itself. What you showed on the screenshots is already on the EPM Add-in. In that case many other things are involved, like security settings for example.

    Also, for the problem I blolgged, you missed one check that is very important, the SAP UI5 Version.

    Best Regards,


  • Thank you Carlos, actually, we had two problems, but we solved each time when SP gain, and the other was safe configuration dimension. (Go to delete pictures when responding).

    Greetings and Thanks


  • Hi Petry,

           Our env are meeting your table which you provided contained the relation between  CPMBPC and UI5, But when I logon the web, I got this error.

         logon Failure.png

    our env are below:     

           a. Componment version is.

        soft comp version.png

         b. UI5 version is.


       also, I found the dump by the t-code st22, the error message are:

    Error analysis

        An exception has occurred in a class constructor. This exception is

        assigned to class 'CX_RSR_X_MESSAGE'.

        Since the exception was not caught in the constructor, processing was


        The reason for the exception is:

        No text available for this exception

    How to correct the error
        The exception must either be prevented or handled in the class
        To prevent the exception, note the following:

        If the error occurs in a non-modfied SAP program, you might be able to
        find a solution in the SAP Notes system. If you have access to the SAP
        Notes system, check there first using the following keywords:


    • Hi Jacob,

      Check if SAP Note 2051051 is implemented to ensure that your UI5 is 1.22."5" as by my last update on the post.

      If you implement it, make sure you are matching the pre-requisites.

      If that is already your scenario, your problem could be something more complicated.



  • Hi Carlos,

    We also had an issue with web links after binding in BPC10.1 SP02 with a recent NW7.4 SPS07 update. To resolve we carried out the following. At this point I must stress that you back up your systems.

    These profile parameter  values worked on our system to allow SAP Note2034394 to implement.


    abap/heap_area_total 4000000000

    abap/heap_area_dia 4000000000

    SAP Notes

    SAP Note 2046263 - SAPUI5 upgrade to version 1.22.3

    2013466 - SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1NW SP02 Patch 01Central Note

    1.2034394 - Business Planning Consolidation 10.1 NWSP02 Patch 01 -

    2.2032462 - Business Planning Consolidation 10.1 NW SP02 Patch 01

    as we are using classical these 2 further notes were applied.

    1.2016157 - New restful service for search user to replace POA user

    2.2024107 - Add user fails when user already

    2051051 - SAPUI5 upgrade to version 1.22.4

    2053377 Noactive links in BPC10. web client after upgrading SAP Gui frontend or other HTML client

    We now have the Web administration working for IE10 (Compat mode), Google Chrome latest version as of this date and Mozilla Firefox v17. Latest Version of Firefox does not work.

    Hope this helps other users,

    Kind regards,


  • Thanks Carlos for the great post.

    My issue is quite weird. Below is my system details.

    BPC SP        : 05

    BW SP         : 10

    SAP_UI SP  : 12

    SAP UI5 SP : 1.28.1

    As per the note 2095747 and 2103585 the recommended SAPUI5 is 1.26.1 and SAP_UI is 11. Because of the NW upgrade which I did recently the SAP_UI and SAPUI5 got updated to a very great newer version ( The upgrade manage never asked for a target release for these components).

    Can you suggest me some workarounds for this to fix the issue ?


    Prithivi Raj

    • Hi Prithivi,

      The SAP UI5 version is automatically upgraded when you upgrade the SAP_UI. The newer version of SAP_UI was probably a prerequisite of some other component you upgraded.

      Best Regards,

      • Dear Carlos,

        Thanks for your reply.

        I understand that UI5 automatically gets upgraded depending on the SAP_UI version.

        For my current situation is there any work around to fix the BPC issue apart from upgrading the BPC to SP 6 which is scheduled on 05 March 2015 ?


        Prithiv Raj

        • Prithivi,

          It is not guaranteed BPC will fail if the versions of the components different. As the only solution is to do a roll-back on your system to a moment prior to the upgrade, you may want to test if your current scenario will really cause BPC to not work properly.


          • Hi Carlos,

            My understanding as per the note 2103585 is, if the version are varying from the matrix BPC would not work as expected.

            Also rolling back is not going help because I have upgrade my BPC from NW 702 BPC 7.5 😀


            Prithivi Raj

          • Dear Prithivi Raj,

            Hope you have found a solution for this issue. If so, can you share it with us? My team is facing the exact same issue after we upgraded SAP_BW to SP10.

            Thanks in advance!

            Best Regards,


          • Hi Luigi,

            Can you please let us know the SP level of all your component including UI5 so that we can help you out.


            Prithivi Raj

          • Hi Prithivi Raj!

            Our system is now at the very same condition yours were when you repported the issue:

            BPC: SP05

            SAP_BW: SP10

            SAP_UI: SP12

            SAP_UI Version: 1.28.1

            We found a system problem for which SAP recomended solution was to implement SAP_BW SP10. After we did it, we noticed that during this process SAP_UI SP 12 version was automatically implemented.

            Were you able to solve the issue? How did you do it?



          • Hi Luigi,

            Sorry for the late response.

            As you said the SAP_UI version automatically gets updated. We were not able to fix the issue, so we had to re-build(cautiously) the BPC system with a lower SP level and then it worked fine. SAP has released BPC SP06 on 5th of May. May be you can try upgrading to it, but you also need to upgrade your basis and BW to SP 10.

            But my personal opinion would be to rebuild the BPC as I heard the latest and recent BPC SP version has a quite good number of bugs.


            Prithivi Raj

          • Hey John,

            hope you are doing well.

            do you mean that this Patch 3 will solve the links issue for BPC SP5 with UI 12 ?

            Many thanks for your time.

            Ahmed Salam.

          • Correct. Apply patch 1,2, and 3 for SP05

            Please read these Notes carefully:

            2095747 - SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP05 Patch01 Central Note

            2152499 - SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP05 Patch02 Central Note

            2171365 - SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP05 Patch03 Central Note

  • Hi All,

    Just for your information, if your system CPMBPC SP04, SAP has released Patch 02 to solve the same issue. You need to implement Patch 01 first, then Patch 02.



  • Hello everyone,

    currently we have SAP BW Rel. 7.40 SP 9 (SAPKW74009) on HANA but UI5 Rel. 7.5 SP1 (SAP_UI 750 SP001) in BW system and we want to set up BPC embedded. But BPC admin client does not work.

    Now we are planning to do a SAP BW Support Package Upgrade – but unfortunately no upgrade to Rel. 7.5. It seems to be recommended to have at least SAP BW Rel. 7.4 SP 13 for BPC embedded (together with UI 7.5 SP 1). Can anyone confirm?



  • Hi,

    I'm installing BPC sandbox with latest releases - BPC 10.1, BW HANA 7.5 SP04. As per installation guide, HANABPC and  CPMBPC components are NOT required any more but post installation steps still refer to these components.

    Is anyone installed BPC 10.1 on BW 7.5 SP04? Could you please suggest post-installations steps.