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Blog It Forward – Amal Aloun

Hay Everyone;

At the beginning I would like to thank Sara G Iyer and The specified item was not found. for inviting me to this challenge.

A Brief About Me

My name is Amal Aloun. My nick name is amool, but I would prefer to stick to my real name as it is shorter, and easier to be remembered. It kinda weird to have a longer nick name than your real name right

Amal in arabic means hope.

I was an active kid, and spent most of my childhood time playing outside the hiding game with the rest of the kids in our neighbourhood. From the haircut you can imagine what kind of a kid I was


I have been working with an SAP partner in Jordan for that last three years as a basis consultant. SAP Basis Module is for people who like to be in the technical side of SAP, and being involved in database, and operating system administration. Basis people make sure that SAP users can access the system smoothly without having technical issues, and with the best possible performance.

As part of being a basis consultant I install, upgrade, and maintain SAP systems. Restore, and backup SAP systems, and implement disaster recovery plans. I take care of SAP user authorizations, and perform SAP client administration.

A part of SAP I like to do social work. I paint on the streets of Amman to make them more beautiful.

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Cool Facts about my country Jordan

  • Jordan is a small country with 8,000,000 population, and 89,342 sq. km resides in the middle east.

Map of Jordan_500.jpg

Jordan – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • Jordan follows a monarchy rule so we have a king and queen. King Abdullah the second, and queen Rania. The below picture is for the royal Jordanian family:


  • Jordan has a beautiful world wonder called Petra or as we call it the rose city. I recommend all to come, and see it. You would never imagine that such a city would be hidden between the mountains in the desert. You can only enter it by walking through a narrow very narrow passage called the siq. Anyone who loves adventure will definitly should see it.


Petra – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • The climate is a combination of a Mediterranean, and arid desert climates.
  • Jordanian costume is known for it’s elegance, originality, and practicality. It has the basic function in covering, and protecting the body.

       This is me in the typical Jordanian traditional female costume


My SAP Teched 2013 Experience

I had the chance to attend SAP Teched last year where I attended some useful workshops, and was updated on the latest technologies in SAP like HANA. I also got to meet people who I consider now my friends like Dixie, Sara, JK, Sachine, and many others who I have strong relations with.

I also got to meet the cricket player Sourav Ganguly or as people call him dada which means the elder brother. Dada made a very good speech on how to achieve your dreams.

And here are my replies to Sara’s questions

  • If you were 20 again, what would you study?

When I was a junior student I was accepted in computer engineering college, but I had the chance to transfer into architecture. I was confused so I said to       my self that if I do well in my first semester in computer engineering I will stay, and if I do not then I will change into architecture. So I guess I just liked, and did well in computer engineering so I stayed in it.

This is a picture me when I was 20 years old


  • What is your professional life dream?

I would like to be involved more into database, and be part of HANA development team as I want to make a contribution by adding a value to it. I do not want to use HANA only, but I want also to enhance it, and add more into it. Right now my professional life dream is to join HANA development team as a database expert.

  • What do you enjoy most in your work, and why?

I like the ability to work remotely from any place I want. This gives the freedom to travel, and enjoy staying outside in the garden while I work.

I like also the diversity of people who I work with. So far I got the chance to work with people from India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Sri Lanka, Syria, and Germany.

Now I have friends in all these countries. One of my best friends is from India P. M. Dixie Darshini I got the chance to see her and together we saw Taj Mahal while we were attending SAPTeched 2013. She is the one who taught me what I know so far in SAP BASIS Module.

This is a picture of me and Dixie in Bangalore – India:


And now I would like to blog it forward to:

Irshad Akram, P. M. Dixie Darshini, and Ravi E

My questions are:

1- If you have one day left to live, what would you do in this day?

2- If you get the chance to have three months free every year, how would you spend them?

3- If you had the chance to change your SAP module, what module would you choose, and why?

Hope you enjoyed the blog

Best Reg

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  • Hi Amool πŸ˜›   Glad to see your #BlogItForward after a long wait and thanks for accepting the invitation. It is interesting to know about your social work especially painting on the streets of Amman.

    If possible, you may share about your experience @SAP TechEd last year in India.



  • Hi Amal,

    Such quick one ! It was interesting to know more about you, nice replies to my questions. And lovely traditional attire πŸ™‚ , hoping to see you soon again , do bring me one of these when we meet next time πŸ˜‰



    • Hay Sara;

      Sure, once we meet again I will bring with me one for you. I am sure it will look nice on you πŸ™‚

      Best Regards

      ~Amal Aloun

  • Marhaba Amal πŸ™‚ ,

    Egyptian greetings to all Jordanian from Riyadh

    very glad to know about your experience , dreams and your childhood , especially the photo you posted shows how much naughty you are , i imagine some disasters behind your smile πŸ™‚

    also i like the social part  too much which it shows you are multi-talented person and i believe that you will be able to achieve your dream easily and become expert in HANA development field

    Best Regards

    Ahmed Ibrahim 

  • Hey Amal! πŸ™‚

    Nice to finally get your interaction (even thought remotely) after the time we had met in teched. This is an amazing BIF! Got to know so much about you and Jordan! Thank you.

    Also, as a kid, you looked more of an innocent little child rather than anything else you intended πŸ˜›

    Anyway, do visit Pune if you get a chance to come to India anytime! Stay in touch. Take care! πŸ˜€

    • Hay Utkarsha;

      Wow long time πŸ™‚ we had such a good time at teched 2013. Definitely I will visit you in Pune next time I come to India. You should also come to Jordan as you will like it alot πŸ™‚

      Take Care

      ~Amal Aloun