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Proposal search for input fields

HI mates!

Actually this is my first blog in my 5+ years SAP career so don’t judge me strictly.

So I have chosen really intersting topic: probably something that everyone thought about. I’m sure someone even tried to implement this feature by own efforts.

This is a proposal search feature. This is so obvious that if we type the beginning of the search term or even mask we want to see the results instantly. But not in SAP GUI. All the times we had to press F4 or at least click at search button by mouse.

But this morning while creating a new search help I suddenly noticed an  interesting new block in SE11 transaction.


According to F4 search help I found the following note:

The requirements for that feature is quite high: These functions are available as of SAP NetWeaver for ABAP 7.4 SP03 and SAP GUI for Windows 7.30 patch level 5 or higher. But happily we have SP04 so I decided to go further and to try it.

I have selected search helps from DD30L table by AUTOSUGGEST = ‘X’ field. Hopefully there were results and I have chosen SDSH_SPFLI as an example to try.

From the where-used list of the following search help i found SDSH_S_SPFLI structure and created a tiny program following the instructions from the mentioned above note:

report ztest_autosuggest.
  p_carrid TYPE SDSH_S_SPFLI-carrier_id.
at selection-screen output.
  loop at screen.
    if screen-input eq 1.
          fields    = value #( ( |{ screen-name }| ) )
          overwrite = abap_false ).

The result on the screen made me really enjoyed. Now we have it as a standard feature:


As I understood only since SP06 this feature is going to be activated automatically. So this cl_dsh_dynpro_properties should be called manually in lower versions.

Also I would mention that it’s possible only search by code. The full text fuzzy search is available only for special databases like SAP HANA as well,

But in anyway that’s something interesting!

So thanks for reading!


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  • Hello Petr,

    This is amazing!

    I just checked our sandbox which is on ABAP Release 740, Patch level 04. The search help SDSH_SPFLI does not have this checkbox checked ๐Ÿ™ There was just 1 custom search help which had this AUTOSUGGEST field marked as 'X'.

    Anyway now that i know such a thing exists, i'll create a custom search help & try a hands-on ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    Can you please provide more screenshots and format the code so that it's easier to read? ๐Ÿ˜ณ



    • Thanks Suhas.

      Actually I formatted the code but I surprised that there is no ABAP pattern in the dropdown list. I have chosen XML.

      I hope now it's better to read =)

      What do you mean under providing more screenshots?

      • What do you mean under providing more screenshots?

        • From the screenshot it is not clear that you are referring to a search help. Only when i read the blog did i realize that it was a search help
        • A screenshot of the AUTOSUGGEST field (DD30V-AUTOSUGGEST). IMHO, it's good to have ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Hi, Petr! I was surprised to see that post from you ๐Ÿ™‚ Good start!

    Speaking about the topic - it's a really cool stuff! They say, soon we'll get 7.4 systems and I'll definitely try this feature.

    • Thanks, mate!

      Frankly speaking proposal search is not so user-friendly itself.

      But in addition to full text fuzzy search it becomes really powerful and intersting feature.

      As I understand that is possible only for SAP HANA at current moment.

      We already tried it and it looks pretty nice!

  • Hello Petr,

    This is really a good one!!!!

    I tried it by creating a custom table and search help  in one of our sandbox system which has HANA database, but i did not get success.

    Could you please have look on below screen shot and advice if am missing something?


    REPORT ztest_propose_search.


       p_name TYPE zstudent-sname.



         IF screen-input EQ 1.



               fields    = VALUE #( ( |{ screen-name }| ) )

               overwrite = abap_false ).



    Search help.