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How would you cope up with your rejected interviews?

Rejection is the most painful and hard to digest whether it is professional or personal, though it is very much part and parcel of the life. The truth is nobody would ever succeed in all 100 percent interviews and at the same time no person would be rejected in all 100 percent interviews. Therefore, when you get a negative feedback from the prospective employer, there is no need to worry much. For any of the pain in the life is based on your expectation. If your expectations are very much high, then surely you get a disappointment. Therefore, keep your expectations at a zero level probably a nil level and attend the interview. If you get the job, then that is fantastic and congratulations to you. Even if you are rejected also, there is no much point to feel dejected. Rejection does not mean that you are totally unqualified person for that position. Sometimes, you would also surprised to see that much less qualified person than you is selected for that position. Whatever be the case, you should take every interview as a game and understand that you have 50 percent possibility for win and at the same time you also have the remaining 50 percent to loose it. However, we should get some good experience or lessons out of each such rejected interview. You should note whenever you are rejected in an interview, there could be different reasons, economic situation of the company, your skill fit for the position, soft skills, attitude, cultural fit, salary negotiations, work permit status and references you have given.

The pain of the rejection depends on the expectation you have kept on that, whether it is personal or professional. If your expectation is really high, then probably, you will end up dejected for few months to years, if it is personal life then probably, it could be years to forget that. But, one thing you must understand the time is greatest healer of any of such dejection and it would make you normal whatever wound you get in your life. At one point in your life, you would surely feel that you have unnecessarily felt dejected for the wrong reasons. Therefore, the foremost thing is when you are rejected, do not get any dejection, and just tell to your heart that the prospective employer is on the loosing side for not selecting you. You need to tell yourself that the employer does not have real luck to be worked with you. If you are selected in the job, then say thanks to your employer. If you are not selected in the job, then in such case also, say double thanks to them and wish them all the best. Unfortunately, some of the employers who conduct the interviews have no guts at all to convey the candidates about the reason for their rejection. They would simply forget once the interview is completed and would only convey to the candidates if they are selected. They would simply forget to convey the result to the rejected candidates. You can easily understand how pathetic HR policies those companies are having. Unfortunately, the rejected candidates really does not know the result of their interview and keep following up the interviewers or companies for months together. At times, those companies try to say lies or deceive the candidates with the false statements. Some companies would surely ignore the mails / phone calls of the candidates  who have attended the interviews. Do not think that this kind of things would only happen in unprofessionally managed companies. They would very well happen even in the top world class companies and even in the Top 4 Consulting companies are not an exception. Therefore, well prepared for all these type of surprises.

Unfortunately, you will find many people in your life who try to imitate a lot. Never do such imitation. Be natural and be yourself. Many people try to imitate the English language as if they are born and brought up in English Speaking countries. Sometimes, when you hear the voice mail of their mobile phones, you would feel that why they are imitating too much as if they are born with that accent. That gives an immediate laugh on your face and uncontrollable irritation. They would only try to imitate somebody else and intended to show that artificial accent to the employers and others. Please note that they would come to their natural after 15 minutes of talking. When you are imitating somebody else accent, you cannot do it effectively for more than few minutes, unless you are a world class imitator. Therefore, just concentrate on your English, but do not need to imitate somebody else accent. When you are showing your natural language that is where you can be more expressive. That gives you ability and power to articulate yourself and explain the prospective employer in a clear cut manner. I would like to remember the quotes of Walt Disney in this regard “The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique”.

If you are being informed that your candidature is rejected for the position that you have attended or applied, the first thing is take deep breath and thank god. Definitely, it gives a kind of pain or dejection. It is not always possible to have a cheer face when you are being informed that you are rejected. It only comes with maturity, age and attitude to digest such rejections. Not all the human beings are able to digest and enjoy the rejection. Rejection in the job interviews should be taken with the wider angle vision, that if you succeeded in the interview, you gain salary and income, if you are rejected, and you get a better experience to clear the next interview in a better way. Therefore, you should see the success and rejections are the both sides of the same coin. At one point you would dream some companies to be part of, however, after few years of time, you would not even ready to spell that company’s name. Today’s dream companies can become tomorrow disaster companies. Do not expect too much from any company. At the end of the day, most of the companies are just doing it for business that is for sure. Companies like Microsoft is making redundant of thousands of committed workforce, then what else you can expect from the normal companies. Therefore, just realize the realities of the companies and get ready for any eventuality even if you are select. When you are selected in a company, at the same time, you should also write a resignation letter keep it in your pocket. You should never be afraid to put your resignation any time on the table, if your self respect is challenged. If tomorrow that company makes you redundant, you should be bold enough to place the resignation letter with smile. You are not a relative or blood relative to that company to keep you for life. The day when they realize that there is no use of you to the company, they could easily swap the cards and send you home. Therefore, be prepared for every eventuality.

If you are unbelievably loyal to the companies surely they may try to exploit your commitment and try to use you to the maximum extent. At the same time, they would very much reluctant to give you what you are really deserved for. There could be other factors that could motivate you, but at any point of time in normal working conditions and money are the most motivating factors. If you do not get what you deserved for, then easily, you would look other options outside the company. Therefore, do not think that getting a job is the ultimate aim of the life. Try to polish your entrepreneurial skills and try to showcase your ability to the world. It does not matter, the venture you have started could be the small, where it gives you wonderful self-respect for working yourself rather than for others. Unfortunately, not all the people are fortunate enough to become entrepreneurs and start their own ventures. Even if you started your own consulting venture, still you need to go through the interview process, therefore, the following points could be handy when you are being rejected in the interviews.

1. Be Normal

Even if the employer has rejected you outright you should just be normal. You need to understand you cannot satisfy everybody in this world, whosoever you are. You need to tell yourself that it is the unfortunate to the employer and they really missed the deserving candidate. At the same time you should not over hype your abilities too much. You should absolute be normal at the same time you should introspect the reasons why the interview has gone into rejection mode. Presume that you are not rejected in any interview in your life, then you would really loose an option to introspect yourself. Therefore rejection is not always mean that you are an unskilled person, but, it would be an opportunity to look back at yourself.

2. Keep expectations minimum

Even if you are going to attend the interview in the world’s best company, your expectations should be minimum. The more expectation means the more disappointment. Failing in the interview is not the end of the world. Many of the highly successful people are rejected in their lives at some of point of time. Therefore, not too much worry and just imagine how would be it like, in case if you are being rejected. I am not saying that you should go with negative mind sent, but, you should see the both sides of the coin and keep yourself to accept both sides of the coin are the same.

3. Lessons learned

Every interview is different in its own spirit. None of the two interviews can be compared. Do not even worry even if you flunk 1000 interviews. But, learn something good out of each interview. Some of the interviews are tough, technically challenging, testing various abilities or even might be rude sometimes. Do not need to worry how badly the interview has gone. Keep a note book for life time and write experience of your every interview. You should make points what has gone really good, what gone really wrong and what should have done to make the interview better. If you write like this one page for one interview, then after 10 years of time, you would see yourself how you have considerably improved in your interview process.

4. Believe yourself

Belief is not the skill, it is an inherent ability to trust your capabilities from the inner most nerves of your body. You should always continuously tell your mind, body, soul and heart that you are the best of the best and probably the world’s best.  You do not need to much bother whatever be the competition in the interview, as long as you have the belief in your capabilities. Every candidate attending the interview is different and probably you have your selling points. Never ever compare yourself to anybody, not just for interview, even in your whole life. Contentment is very much important in life, otherwise, you would be an unsatisfied man in your whole life.

5. Improve skill set

Improving skills is not overnight job. It is take years and may be sometimes decades to master in a particular skill. If you are in technology field then it would much more challenging as the new technologies are coming up like mushrooms and you are forced to learn them at the same speed. Whatever skill you are having, you would be lacking something, by the time, you learn that new skill, and then something else would pop-up in market. Therefore, learn something new every day and make it a point continuous learning is an important point of your life, whether it is through training, on job or advice from the friends, does not really matter, as long as you learning something new on a daily basis.

6. Master the ability to crack

Many people give lot of importance in the mastery of cracking the interviews. It does not mean they are masters as well in their jobs also. There could be cases where they good extremely well in the interviews, but utterly fail on the job. To master the ability to crack the interview, you should concentrate on communication, presentation, articulation, dress-sense, openness, right attitude and your key selling points. This is not the comprehensive list, but could be extremely handy when you are attending the interviews. Once you are passed through the interview stage, then you might have sufficient time to learn many things and get training on the job.

7. Make effective CV

Your CV should prepare a strong and commanding CV. Employers would only look at your CV for not more than 6 second. Within those six seconds, your CV should attract them. Therefore, if you are not getting many calls, then you need to strongly look into your CV and make necessary changes. Having said that do not exaggerate the skills you do not have. Your CV is a caricature of your skills, experience and education, therefore, they should be reflect the true position of your abilities. Even if it takes a month or so, do not mind, but try to prepare the CV the most attractive and effective.

8.Salary negotiations

Nobody is ready to pay the premium price for the cheap product. Later if they realize, they would take no time to dump that product. The same rule and logic applies in the salary negotiation. Therefore, do not do too much of negotiation, so as it really goes beyond to the extent, where you do not really deserve for. The employers may also conclude that you are only interested for salary but nothing else. Know your limitations and worth, then accordingly within that realistic range you can negotiate if you really feel that they have not given the right salary for your skills and abilities. Therefore, salary negotiation is a very tactual game, you should handle with much more care and attention in detail.

9. No blame game

If some of the employer has rejected your candidature, then do not try to blame that company or organisation. The reason being you are not in their position, therefore, you really do not know what their situation is. You do not know the reasons in which they are forced to reject your application. There could be various reason that might have forced them to reject your application. If you are not rejected, then probably you would never learn anything in life. You need to just appreciate their decision and just move on in search of better opportunity. Unfortunately, you would find some employers who has not guts to inform the candidates on what reason they have rejected. In such cases, you need to ignore such kind of employers.

10.  Realize every company is same

At the end of the day every company is doing business and their ultimate motive is for profit, unless it is a charitable organisation. Therefore, you are not a relative to them or they are not relative to you. They believe you have a right skill and you believe they have the better ability to pay you. On a day when you both do not agree on this point, then they would take no time to dump you and at the same time you would also eager looking jump into another company. Loyalty is important but you should not become too much loyal to the company, which could turn into a burden to the company. Therefore, you should always willing to open your eyes and see the opportunities around you and the world.

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  • Respected Sir

    I would say, its major area for every freshers & experienced person & its also much helpful in real-time interview  for me as well as for all the people  across the glob ,I would say we should appreciate everything & regret nothing, & I learnt another one thing from your article is ,  we should always welcome problem because problem gives us double advise first how to solve it and second how to avoid it in future .

    If I say honestly, then I was waiting for your another inspirational article like this.

    Another one which I learnt is , we should inhale the best ,exhale the stress & also I have a lot of thing to say about these area which are nicely mentioned.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Thanks for sharing .


    • Thanks Kamlesh.

      It is always a good feeling to see first comment πŸ™‚

      Experience is the best teacher, nobody can teach others. Everyone will have their own experience. The only thing we can do is guide or give some good suggestion. If we are only eating sweets, then we may become diabetic. We should know all the tastes, sweet, spicy, hot, sour, then it would be a complete life πŸ™‚

      Thanks once again.

      Best Regards,


      • Thanks Sir

        Happy Independent Day πŸ˜› ,

        I had missed to mention it.

        It is a great pleasure to  receive the reply from you, these days I am assuming in my SAP Career, that knowledge can only be got in one way,the way of experience, there is no another way to know. & as far as rejection is concerned then I would say, a good judgement  come form bad experience πŸ™‚ .

        Our word are useless without action, I think you are the great example of that, really Sir ,your inspirational words has been changing the career of a lot of newbie not only in SAP but also in other career too 😎 . &

        Correct me if I am wrong.


        • Thank you Kamlesh, same to you.

          If you are in SAP job, do not much bother whether it is support or implementation job. Daily learn new things religiously. If you make this a continuous practice for your whole life, you would become established consultant in your area. Learning is life time process.

          Best Regards,


          • Great pleasure to receive your positive reply.

            No Sir, Neither I am in support or in Implementation , as you know I was working as End user of SAP SD , & later shifted  as Core User SAP SD in the same Organization   with some good Authorization, its only with hard work , dedication & undoubtedly  with your excellent inspirational words. & these days doing self practice in IDES without any training for another one year, then would start giving interviews for SAP SD Consultant.

            Thanks again .


  • Hello Ravi,

    Really nice.......... simple yet effective........

    My personal experience is know what you have done earlier, may be 6-7 yrs back you would have done it. specially if you are mentioning in resume.

    One more point I would like to share is, If you crack the interview easily then Role you are entering won't be challenging.

    If interview is Challenging, then you can conclude Role will be challenging πŸ™‚

    Of course expectations and responsibility will be more........ that's what make us gain more knowledge.......... πŸ™‚

    Thanks & Regards

    • Thanks Haseena for your comments.

      The problem with offshore jobs is lack of client engagement, which is more critical than learning SAP. If you are onsite, then you would interact with the client, know their business closely, understand their language and problems, make yourself culturally fit into the business of client, interaction, communication and make good client relation. Whereas, in offshore, the problem is time gap, no face to face interaction, only through emails and hardly any phone calls.

      Best Regards,


      • Hi Ravi,

        This is Very true. I could easily compare my offshore consulting experieneces with my End user experience.

        Since i started my career with Manufacturing industry with one of India's Big Giants with Garment industry, The process and the multiple subprocess and business concepts and exception process, that i learnt are the real treasure i feel even today. I feel more blessed as an end user on SAP 4.6 say around 12 years back. Retail, Oil and Gas, Engineering as well added to the knowledge base πŸ™‚

        I could say atleast 60% of the knowledge i gained that server as a very strong areas when i work with particularly the support call are a cake walk at times:-)

        Exposure to other modules in addition to FI viz. CO, MM, SD  it was an amazing learning experience working with Charted and cost Accountants as well with IIMs on MIS, Variances in particularly Material and price variance and aging reports during the beginning of my career cant imging πŸ™‚ but interesting.

        My personal feel is that any one with some amount of core domain experience would be a good treasure when you work on modules in particular FI,CO, MM, SD probably the same applies for rest of the modules as well.

        Because no one could honestly teach you so much besides configurations πŸ™‚



        • Glad to know Rosario,

          The experience in the manufacturing is a treasure, even I would feel the same. I am also lucky enough to work in manufacturing concerns during initial part of my career.

          The training mostly focus on configurations, but somebody has to really work in process oriented organizations, where they would learn number of things.

          Your words echo my thoughts πŸ™‚

          Best Regards,


  • Hello Ravi

    I had sent you a message regarding my Interview schedule of One SAP Partner as on April 21st 2014 right. You know what they had done to me?

    Answer is very simple They asked me when you will be available for Interview on April 21st 2014, I had replied them Sharp 10 am Morning. But they said me No no Pramila we will let you know the timings once CV is short listed.

    People have attended interview on April 21st 2014 around 2 pm to 5 pm (some have attended interview by showing Fakes, few have said lies that they have worked in Projects for 6 months).

    I kept on making calls to this company for a month. They have said me CV is in Scanning Process for nearly a month. After a long time they have said me that Requirement itself on Hold. I have gone to the extent of submitting all Visuals of my Certificates.

    If that is the case they should have said me like this As of now we don't have Open Positions for Freshers right. Why they have done like this to me?

    My CV is stagnant in every company. What is the meaning of this? What is that Awaiting For Demand?

    Please Ravi kindly tell me what is the meaning of my situation? Should I take it as Rejection?



    • /
    • What is that Awaiting For Demand?

      It means you are in the recruiting pipeline, which doesn't really mean much.

      It means if they get a "suitable assignment" they will call you back. It's much closer to "rejected" then "accepted", but you would need to be inside that particular recruiting process to be sure of your real chances.

      My recommendation is that you assume it is "rejected" and look somewhere else. Maybe one day they will call, but I wouldn't count on it.

    • Hi Pramila,

      Honest, if you are still waiting for a break after passing three of your certification, you need to do the introspection. Personally, I would not put my CV status .jpg file to the public, as it surely send the wrong signal. This blog might be watching by many, might be including by the HR people, which could send this a negative message.

      Recruitment process if always always black and white, whether they want to take you or not. If not, just move and search somewhere else. The gist of my blog is "not to keep over expectations on a company to be selected" as we may end up in "disappointment". Therefore, if you are not selected, just forget and ignore that then move on search somewhere else.

      I would honestly advise you to remove the screen shots, it may not be good for the company and you.

      Best Regards,


      PS: Any personal references / company details on SCN is against the SCN forum rules.

  • Dear Sir,

    First of all super thanks for this blog.

    This is a very useful to many peoples who are still searching openings in SAP after completion of  the certification like me and for freshers who came out from the college without a job.

    A lot of hints are available to impress the recruiter after the rejection. Actually, this depicts how to face and the fact of the interview.

    Truly a neat blog.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Lakshmipathi,

      Glad you liked the blog and hopefully, some of the points could handy.

      However, at the end of the day, you would have your own lessons learning in your career. Rejection is part of parcle of life, please take it as simple as you can.

      All the best.

      Kind Regards,


      • Dear Sir,

        Thank you very much sir...

        As you mentioned in the blog, at the end of the day, try to be an entrepreneur. In my personal life, I understand it needs real guts to face the each and every moment of entrepreneurial life, at the very beginning stage.

        Basically, I'm a Textile graduate. Due to the passion I did the certification in SD. Now I'm trying to crack the interviews in SAP. If, I did this job successfully, then why I can't be an entrepreneur. Surely one day I'll be an entrepreneur.

        Thanks & Regards,

        C. Lakshmipathi

        πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Dear Sir,

    Your blogs are always inspirational and motivating with high in positivity, i really believe you could really become a author, columnist, screenwriter and superb speaker, would love to hear from you that you are writing a book or something like that, many thanks for sharing such a wonderful blog again, you are really a inspiration to many.


    Amit Anasane

    • Thanks Amit for such humble and cheerful words πŸ™‚

      I should thank SCN for given such a good platform on behalf of all our community members to freely express our views and opinions. I do not know if I am able to do any screenwriting, as the producers might be scared to contact, as their film would filled with total SAP πŸ™‚

      Best Regards,


    • Thanks Jandoval, much appreciated your comments.

      I would also appreciated if the members can actively express their own experiences when somebody rejected their CV. It would be helpful for the future members.

      Thanks once again.

      Kind Regards,


    • Hi Ravi,

      Excellent article ravi garu... you always motivated to SAP folks with your wonderful blogs please continue and thanks to share every thing not only blogs also solutions. πŸ™‚



      • Thanks Lakshmi, much appreciated your cheerful words πŸ™‚

        Glad to know you like the blog. Honestly, I would hope to spend much time on SCN, however, tied up with number of other things. I am sure there are number of wonderful community members, who are making this SCN not a great technical platform, but also social enrichment.

        Best Regards,


  • Hi Ravi,

    This is a good article, you have mentioned nice points to remember, particularly in Expectations and Salary Negotiation.

    I think you are the exact person to write this nice blog.


    G S Ramanjaneyulu.

  • Dear Ravi shanker

    What ever you Gave Points really Touched my heart ..i like you way of presentation πŸ™‚

    Not only this i like your skills in MM Also

    Thanks a lot dear

  • Hi Ravi,

    Exceptional blog..The articulation of experiences & learning's is summarised beautifully.

    At some point of time, you should start thinking of writing books and give motivational speeches. πŸ™‚



  • Hi Ravi,

    I loved the way you have made me stict to the reading line after line..

    you are blessed with the eye catchi way of writing.

    SAP Chethan Bhagat i would call you  πŸ™‚ please bear with me if you are against novels.

    excellent stuff and an eye opener.

    Certainly a good storage of knowledge bank πŸ™‚

    Contine you writing and enlighten us with your Ideas and the way how to look at things πŸ™‚

    I felt each an every line is very down to earth and very practical.



    • Ha ha ha ha. Thanks Rosario for given me new title. πŸ™‚

      As long as I get cheerful words and motivational lines from readers like that gives a wonderful feeling. Not sure whether there would be another Chetan Bhagat in this world or not, as long as the readers are enjoying on SCN, I would feel more than Chetan Bhai. πŸ˜‰

      Best Regards,


      • you are most welcome. Your writings are absolutely impressive. Please continue to write.

        I would be a happy person to collate all your writings. Wish if it could be conceived and become part of the journal and be born a baby book to all of us to make us masters πŸ™‚ and  a guiding knowledge to the Aspiring Consultants and great motivation for the readers πŸ™‚

  • Hi Ravi

    Good one, opening with....

    .....nobody would ever succeed in all 100 percent interviews and at the same time no person would be rejected in all 100 percent interviews.....



  • Hello Ravi,

    you've made some very good points in your blog.

    • Not getting a job is not the end of the world.
    • Learn from every interview.
    • Don't you cheat!

    But I have to say, some things I found a bit confusing or even contradicting other points you made.

    Two things that stood out for me:

    You need to tell yourself that it is the unfortunate to the employer and they really missed the deserving candidate.

    You should always continuously tell your mind, body, soul and heart that you are the best of the best and probably the world’s best.

    Somebody with that attitude will find no fault in him/herself when rejected and therefor see no need to improve. And I think this kind of attitude also shows in an interview, because it comes of as arrogance. I had candidates like that and they made just one kind of impression: the bad one.

    The other one:

    Even if you are going to attend the interview in the world’s best company, your expectations should be minimum.

    When I don't have any expectation or hope to get the job, I won't look like I'm even interested. But maybe that's just me. ^^

    If you have an interview, I don't think it hurts to have the expectation to get it. That's why you are there in the end. And that's what makes you work for it, keep you on your toes in the interview process to convince the recruiter that you want the job and that you would be a great fit. If you try to make yourself not care too much, just to not be disappointed if a possible rejection hits you, it will probably show and hurt your chances for the job.

    Oh and one last thing, that jumped at me:

    Unfortunately, not all the people are fortunate enough to become entrepreneurs and start their own ventures.

    There are also people that are quite happy to work for a company and don't have the goal to start one of their own. ^^ I'm such a person. πŸ˜‰

    But like I said in the beginning (and I want to bring it up again to also finish with the positive vibe): There are several good advices in this blog, that could help not only with the processing of not getting a job, but to learn something out that. To steal one last quote from you:

    However, we should get some good experience or lessons out of each such rejected interview.

    The learning never stops. πŸ™‚



    • Thank you Steffi for your insightful comments.

      I believe every human is special in some or the other way. Last week when I was walking on the road, I have seen a young man begging with a dog next to him. I said to myself why this fellow with good physical abilities begging and I was pity on his fate. Then when I reached near to him I have realized, it is not the dog, but he is molding a dog with the sand. I was terribly upset for misjudging a person. Then I said, we should never judge a book by the cover. Many people might have forgotten that small incident, but the whole day I was upset for my mis-judgement.

      Why I said this story is, though we might be best in one way or the other, but there is every chance that the interviewer may misjudge our abilities and reject us. In such cases, I would only pity for the mis-judgement of the interviewer. At the same time, his adverse decision would not make me sad, as long as I believe the abilities of myself. My only intention to say those statements is do not discourage by the rejection, keep belief on your abilities.

      Bhagavadgita, Chapter 3, Version 19 says:

      "Therefore, without being attached to the fruits of activities, one should act as a matter of duty, for by working without attachment one attain the Supreme"

      I strongly believe in the above quote. May be I am little philosophical πŸ˜‰ , my only intention is to maintain, calmness in all the activities that we do. Give your best, do your best, but do not expect anything. Expectation is the root cause of the agony.  That does not mean we should go with low self-confidence to the interviews. We should go the interview with full of confidence and show all our abilities in the interview.

      You are the luckiest person to find such wonderful companies. But, I worked for different companies and I have my own ups and downs. Now, I have my own company and when I compare my current professional life to the past, I am far more happier than before, as I have freedom now. I only responsible for myself and my client, relatively less politics and at the same time it is financially lucrative. πŸ™‚

      Experience is the best teacher, I would love to see such insightful comments from the members and looking forward to know their experiences of life.

      Best Regards,


  • Hi Ravi

    Here you again with such a valuable and informative blog.

    I was also rejected in many interviews before getting my first job and learning experience from those failures helped me a lot.

    After getting into job I realized that how many factors play a role in hiring one person .It is not about one-to-one interaction between two persons and if I am not wrong our selection also depends on the mood of person who is taking interview at that time.

    Thanks & Regards


    • Hi Kuldeep,

      In addition to that, the interviews in India, mostly based on the configuration driven. They would go and ask for details of check boxes and radio buttons etc.

      Whereas, the interviews from Western Countries are mostly process oriented, they would not much go deep into configuration, however, they would try to understand whether you knows the process mapping or not.

      Hope this would help when you are giving interviews in India or outside India.

      Best Regards,


      • Hi Ravi

        Thanks for your advice.Your comment remembered me my training days in local institute.They used to draw check box symbols on board and forced us to draw πŸ˜₯ telling that these things might be asked in interview and I was wondering whether I would be paid for remembering design patterns of screen or for process πŸ˜• πŸ˜• .



  • Ravi,

    Once again another great blog, I wonder if you will leave anything for us to blog on :-).

    Its a great read and I would suggest newcomers to go through your articles and learn from you experience. I dint get the job in my first couple of interviews, what helped was my experience and knowing that this is part of the job hunt cycle. I would tell people, learn why u dint get it, what mistakes u made if any and dont repeat the same. Sometimes it helps to believe that there is a better opportunity for you around the corner as long as u work at it.



  • Ravi have been rejected many times. So many times that once I started what I have done for so many years. But then rejection also teaches you one thing - how does the selection happens. If the JD is not available to the interviewer or the JD is not understood by the interviewer then the interview is pretty arbitrary. One of my friends was interviewed for a SAP CRM position was asked extensively about his SAP HR work and was grilled on SAP ABAP skills more. And then he was rejected. So one thing all this rejection should teach is - were you evaluated correctly ?



  • Ravi Sir as i told you before i have completed my B.Tech   degree in I.T in this year.As i am fresher and i am trying to get some information about SAP from all the sources (Google.Youtube videos ,SCN blogs ) because i have heard about SAP before 15 days but from that day i am literally mad over it n always trying to get whatever i can get infomation about it through internet sources around 5 to 6 hrs i spend daily reading about it .And i have made my mindset to get any how in SAP world.

                 So for that i am joining institute for learning ABAP Module plus BI/BO...and i will think over it if it is posisble for me to get over SAP HANA per i read in these days all blogs i dont know how i will get job and all that things πŸ˜• ...but right now i am avoiding those things of job seeking and will learn the things thoroughly for my satisfaction πŸ™‚ .

                  I know my parents after completing my B.Tech degree will be thinking not yet searching jobs for software developer n testing πŸ˜› as all my friends are doing  but after getting brief description about SAP i have made my mind to get over it.

                  I am not going for certifications right now as per i read your before blogs.(will thin over it in future)..And also i am not going for ATC of SAP because it doesnt match my pocket budget πŸ˜‰ .I have found one institute non ATC but its faculty is good as i found from many sources and one of my friend .It may be risk (risk as per non ATC)but i am just right now will be focussing on learning all the things which i can get from there.I will not take the institute name because it is a global forum and it is not of use to tell also .

                  Sir still i need your suggestion i am taking this risk as per job is concern because all say it is difficult for non experienced person to get a job moreover i am not doing certification and also training from non ATC.Sir i dont understand how freshers get entry πŸ˜• .And job requirement is for domain experience then how fresher will get experience to work?

              Sir i am passionate to learn whichever module i have choosed because i have read about all modules as much it was possible for me from internet sources.So i will do training from the institue from 1st november that is for sure . But as per future is a concern it should not happen i complete my training and i dont get a chance to prove myself or work over it .

    • Hello Rushi,

      Please do not much worry about whether you get a job or not. I know there would be lot of anxious moments until you get a job. But, you should not worry much about that right now. Otherwise, your performance in learning would be hampered. Work hard, learn whatever you can, prepare a decent and honest CV, keep applying through all possible ways. I am sure your hard work is going to pay you well.

      My only suggestion is not too much worry about the future, please make best use of your today.

      All the best.

      Kind Regards,


  • Hi Ravi,

    Even years may passed but people and the thought process and the rejection feel its all the same....

    Thank you so much for the wonderful article which is stress reliever for me .

    Trust me.. These words are like magic... especially the accent related ..I can see many people just wanted to concentrate more on their language ..keep that alone for their selling point....

    SAP is my passion and keep on trying to achieve SAP career is  in my 5 year dream. Now i have to be ready to face rejections too... so this article helps me to set my mind and prepare.

    Yes I am ready to participate this game and see what is my 50%.

    Thanks so much

    Your words makes real wonders

    Poornima Santhosh.

    • Hi Poorniama,

      To be honest, I have been rejected in number of interviews, I never regretted out of those rejections, but, out of every rejection, I learned something new, which helped me to develop my self. Rejection is a chance to prove ourselves and its gives a motivation to prove ourselves what we are. I would only think if the recruiters do not recruiter it is their unlucky they are missing a star πŸ™‚

      All the best.

      Kind Regards,


      • Hi Ravi,

        Thats so thoughtful. I wasn't rejected much. so i have that interview fear with me. I just wanted to come over it. this whole week i willstudy and from next week im ready for the mission ...

        Thanks so much Ravi... You really helping a lot not only me but your words directly/indirectly guiding many people like me



  • Hi Ravi,

    One interesting incident happen with me in an interview .

    I had a first round of interview and I given wrong answer and could not answer few questions.

    I was dam sure i will not clear this round, but when I received a call for second round i was shocked .

    For second round I was full prepared and my interview went very good even interviewer has told me good many times, I was 100% sure this time .

    But what happened I came to know I has not cleared the second round.

  • Hi Ravi,

    Thnaks a lot for sharing your expereince with us.

    We have to keep mind on every points during interview time. 



  • Hi Ravi,

    Another nice blog.Β  Β Really you should be a "life coach".Β  Β I started at recent and am slowly working my way through your older blogs.