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How to Create Document Attributes

Document Attributes, often refered as Customer Attributes, can be configured to be used along with the documentation present in the Implementation area for Solution Manager systems. These attributes are displayed for maintenance in the document attributes under the “Other Attributes” tab.

For this example I’ve created a Z* table in transaction SE11 to be used as attribute.


It is important to note that for this you’ll require a developer key, otherwise you won’t be able to create your own table. After providing my developer key, I’ve filled the necessary information and created a field in the table to be my attribute.


After saving and activating the table, I’m ready to start configuring my attribute for documents.

I then accessed transaction DMWB and navigate to IWBSOLAR -> IO attribute. There with the right click, select  the “create” option.


A popup will appear where I’ll fill the following information:

IO Attribute: The technical name of the attribute

Decription: The attribute name as it’ll appear when accessing in the documents

Document area: must be filled with “IWBSOLAR”.


Afterwards, save this changes in a transportable package or locally, depending on your intentions.


With the attribute created now, one must refer two things, the FIELD_NAME and TABLE_NAME. In this case I’ll use the table and field I’ve created previously just for this attribute.

It is important to note the you should not use the attributes CLIENT_TRANSFER_F4 and MODEL_EXTENSION. These two attributes are not relevant for this kind of documentation.


At this point, you have the option to define also the input help for your attribute. The Attribute responsible for this is PROPERTY_CHECK. To know how exactly to perform this, refer to the KBA 1798350 – “How To define an input help for customer attributes” which describe in details the necessary steps.

After setting those parameters, save and activate the Attribute.


At this point the attribute exists but is not assigned to be used in the documents. For this, navigate to “PHIO Classes” -> “SOLARGNSRC_V”.


Under the tab “Instance Attributes”, Insert a new line and assign the previously created attribute. It is possible to assign values to the attribute attributes with “More”.

It is important to have in mind that only the “Unique” and “Maintainable” checkboxes are relevant for the Solution Manager. Do not use Context-Relevant.


After maintaining the assignment of the attribute, save and activate. The attribute is now ready to be used. When you access now the “Document Attributes” under tab “Other Attributes”, your attribute will be available for usage.



  • The Knowledge Warehouse only supports attributes up to a maximum length of 64 characters. The search dialogs in the system are restricted to 42 characters, so the attributes are not offered in the search dialog. You can filter the hit list by attributes.
  • If attributes are not visible in the Solution Manager, you must refresh the buffer in transaction SE33.  If the attribute is still not visible, check whether the attribute and the PHIO class SOLARGNSRC_V are active. Check whether you are logged on in the correct language (the entries are only displayed in the language in which they were created. If required, the attribute must be translated).

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