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How Is Smart Vending for Wholesale Distribution Driving Revenue and Customer Loyalty?

Distributors like Grainger, Airgas and Fastenal have been steadily introducing their own vending solutions to their customers.  Why?  Wholesale Distributors are quickly discovering that vending on-site at customer facilities make it easier to do business with them, resulting in increased customer wallet-share and loyalty.   As customers continue to look for ways to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency; distributors are using Smart Vending as a marketing tool.  However, Smart Vending is increasingly becoming a supply chain management tool for many

Distributors are using Smart Vending to drive impressive revenue numbers, especially in the area of industrial vending.   By leveraging vending systems that are tied to back-end software, the distributor and end-user are able to better manage inventory.  


What can Smart Vending do for Wholesale Distributors?

  • Personalize the Consumer Experience
    • Achieve direct contact to the buyer
    • Better align inventory with customer purchasing patterns
    • Provide a personalized experience based on individual business needs
  • Expand Market Reach/Channels
    • Leverage a creative way to generate new revenue streams
    • Efficiently reach new market segments and locations
  • Optimize Vending Operations
    • Centrally manage kiosks and vending machines efficiently
    • Replenish vending items faster

In an era of increasing online competition and rising consumer expectations, how is your business evolving to grow and connect with
your customers?

To find out more about using Smart Vending to increase revenue, loyalty, upsell opportunities, sales channels and expand market reach,

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