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DHEMI Field and Issues with UTC timestamp

Hello everyone!

This post is to explain a bit more about field DHEMI.

As you know, the new layout 3.10 now requires to inform the date and time in which the nota fiscal was created using the UTC format. So, I would like to explain a bit more about how SAP systems are working.

You might have faced some issues with this in your tests, but now we have released one SAP Note to be implemented in ERP which is SAP Note 2050660 – NF-e 3.10: Wrongly access key validation with incorrect UTC. With this SAP Note, field DHEMI will be ALWAYS converted to standard date/time +0000 UTC/GMT.

So, let’s say that we are creating a nota fiscal for a branch in São Paulo today, August 15th at 14:30 -03:00 UTC/GMT (Brazilian time). The DHEMI field will be 20140815173000.

Now, you might have two different scenarios:

1 – You use GRC as your messaging system

     In this case, GRC will check which region issued the nota fiscal and then adjust the DHEMI field according to its timezone. So, as São Paulo is the issuer and the timezone there is -03:00 UTC/GMT, GRC will change the field DHEMI and send to SEFAZ as 2014-08-15T14:30:00-03:00.

Keep in mind that field DHEMI in table /XNFE/OUTNFEHD will be stored in UTC +0000, so in this case it will be stored as 20140815173000.

IMPORTANT: Please implement SAP Note 2052421 – Validation adjustments for NF-e 3.10 to avoid Validation issues on the last day of the month.

2 – You don’t use GRC as your messaging system:

     In this case, you will have to check if the provider of your messaging adjust the date/time before sending to SEFAZ otherwise you can receive a rejection to send a nota fiscal in the future for example. Please check this with your messaging system.

I hope this can clarify any question you may have on this topic.



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